"Back to the Future" DeLorean-Style Hovercraft Sells Big At Auction

Many Back to the Future fans dream of owning DMC DeLorean, the car model that was used in Robert Zemeckis’ timeless franchise.

There are only so many models of this car in the world, and it’s not easy finding your hands on them. But imagine having the chance to purchase a DeLorean-style hovercraft that would change your recreational life forever?

Well, a lucky buyer was able to purchase a custom-built DeLorean hovercraft via auction for a hefty $44,088 price tag on Monday. The item was built by Matt Riese, who began working on it 11 years ago, according to the listing. The hovercraft project was finished in 2012.

The hovercraft measures 76.75″ x 172.75, with a trailer that is 166 inches long and 82.5 inches wide. It also includes a removable windshield, a translucent skirt plus a new lift engine, battery fuel pump and fuel line.

Back to the Future fans will naturally wonder if this thing can reach 88 miles per hour, the necessary speed Marty McFly and Doc Brown had to reach in order to travel to their set time and destination.

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But according to the item listing, the hovercraft will hit about 31 MPH “in ideal conditions” on water. So the buyer will have to find a way to upgrade the hovercraft engine if they hope to reach 88 MPH. Even then, there is no flux capacitor that would allow the rider to travel back in time

One of the few things missing from this incredible invention? A metal line/hook at the back of the car, which was hit by lightning in the first Back to the Future film – thus allowing Marty to travel from 1955 back to 1985.

Back to the Future Part II was released 30 years ago this month, so the purchase of this hovercraft comes at an ideal time. Now, we’ll wait and see if the buyer manages can develop it into a time machine.

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