Being brushed down! Gen Z student blasts claims woke youth wouldnt fight for country

Patrick Christys says young Brits 'too woke' to fight for UK

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GB News presenter Patrick Christys recently blasted young British people as he suggested they wouldn’t fight for their country because they’re “too woke”. However, 18-year-old student Oliver has hit back at the presenter’s remarks. On Sunday, Oliver was welcomed onto the channel to share his thoughts and insisted young people do care about their country.

Earlier this week, Patrick discussed what he believes would happen if Britain was attacked by a military force.

In a lengthy monologue, the presenter hit out at the youth of today, saying: “I don’t think the younger generation would fight for this country. I think they’re too woke.

“I think they’ve had their heads filled with a load of lefty tosh about how patriotism is a bad thing,” he fumed.

However, his comments caused controversy and Oliver spoke out on the channel to defend Gen Z.

Oliver began to Christys’ co-star Nana Akua on Sunday: “The narrative that Gen Z aren’t prepared to pick up a weapon and fight and protect their land is just not true.

“Actually, me personally, if there was a war going on on my high street down the road, yes absolutely I would get involved and protect our country.

“I think there is a real issue actually at the minute with how Gen Z, young people in my generation, are now being brushed down as this kind of generation who don’t care, they’re not patriotic and they deface statues etc. That isn’t reality,” he insisted.

Oliver went on to insist he knows several people his age who are pursuing careers in the military.

The student explained: “It was only a few years ago I was at school.

“I went to school with people who have now gone on to military college and are in the cadets and all those kinds of things and it’s fantastic.

“But, they’re not given the air time,” Oliver fumed.

He suggested older generations seem to have a set stereotype of Gen Z in their minds.

Oliver explained: “When I do speak to my grandfather, who’s in his late 70s, he kind of sees our generation as the one who moan on breakfast television about pronouns in bios on social media sites and all this kind of thing.

“I think ‘No, that isn’t our whole generation’,” the student remarked.

“Our generation is full of people who do care about the country, me being one of them, and I think that needs to be given more attention,” Oliver added.

GB News also welcomed Lieutenant-General Jonathon Riley onto the channel to discuss the matter.

Jonathan also defended young people, insisting many are already working in the military.

He commented: “You go to any cadet centre in Britain whether it’s navy or marines, or army, or airforce and you’ll find a lot of well-motivated decent patriotic young men and women.

“Boys and girls who are there and have made a commitment to their country.

“Despite all the wokeness, and yes I see it every day, despite all that I think there’s a pretty good number, many thousands of decent young folk who think their country is worth fighting for,” Jonathan said.

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