'Below Deck': Did Andy Cohen Really Do This On a Yacht?

Yachtie and returning What What Happens Live with Andy Cohen bartender, Michael Haird put Andy Cohen to the test when he and chief officer Max Runske shared that Cohen has done some pretty hilarious things on a yacht.

Haird has manned the WWHL bar before and tried to determine if Cohen would be a good yachtie. When Haird appeared in September he asked guests bosun João Franco and chef Ben Robinson from Below Deck Mediterranean if Cohen would be a good deckhand. “Absolutely!” Franco responded immediately.

“Can’t you see Mr. Cohen in a tight uniform with a radio?” Haird added. But Cohen asked, “The better question is, well Michael you’ve seen me on a boat. Do you think I would be good on the crew?” Of course, Haird thinks Cohen would fit right in. He was the chief engineer on a yacht when Cohen was a guest. Now that Haird is back and brought Runske, he is ready to reveal some of the funny things Cohen has done as a charter guest.

Cohen did this on every yachting trip he’s ever been on

During the WWHL After Show, guests Kate Chastain and Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck play the game, “You’ve Yacht to be Kidding Me.” Haird and Runske take turns describing charter guest behavior and Chastain and Rosbach have to determine if Cohen actually did this on a yacht.

The first question had Cohen written all over it. Haird says Cohen tried to organize a crew talent show on every single yachting trip he’s been on. True or false? Very true. Chastain says, “But you don’t make them do it.” Cohen responds, “But I’d like them to do it.”

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Cohen also gets busted for doing one thing that the Below Deck crew has cringed about in the past … drinking until dawn while everyone else is asleep. Usually at least one crew member has to be up while any of the guests are still awake. Chastain and Rosbach didn’t think Cohen was guilty of this but he totally admits it. “Because a lot of times my friends go to bed and I’m like, I hang out with the night watchman,” he exclaims. “That’s when all the fun talks happen!” Cohen tries to get the crew to party with him but they won’t partake while on charter.

It gets even funnier

Cohen grins as Runske’s true or false is, “Mr. Cohen likes to refer to scuba excursions with the crew as underwater dates.” Chastain busts out laughing as Cohen says, “That’s true.” Haird says, “It’s because Max is taking him on all the dates!” Rosbach adds, “I’ve never heard it described that way!”

But Cohen says, “They hold your hand…” Chastain says, “You do buddy breathing…” Cohen says, “I mean, it’s very romantic. Listen you take what you can get!”

Also, the first words out of Cohen’s mouth when he steps on board are, “Hey, where’s the Rosé?” Chastain says, “And it should be!” He also loves to ask the crew, “endless questions about their love lives” too.

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