Below Deck Med’s Courtney Veale explains career change

Below Deck Mediterranean: Bravo previews latest season

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The reality star has had a career change since season six after she swapped her role as a second stew to show off her new skills as a deckhand aboard the 163-foot motor yacht. The star lifted the lid on her recent career change, as she revealed she missed “outside life”.

Speaking with Decider about Below Deck Med, the reality star updated fans on her new role as Yatchie on season seven of the hit series. 

Veale recalled: “Ever since I joined yachting, it was always in the back of my mind. I should have been on deck from the beginning. 

“Soon, I missed that outside life, being sweaty all the time in the sun and driving the tenders.”

The star also revealed she’d brought an extra set of skills to her new role after becoming qualified as a personal trainer on deck. 

She went on to explain: “Luckily, I had my personal training qualifications, so I found a job as personal trainer on deck, which gave me a good run up to season seven.”

The star also opened up about seeing co-stars Malia White and Captain Sandy exceeding in the jobs, encouraging her to take the jump.

She said: “Also, when I got to see Malia and Captain Sandy doing so well in their new jobs, I got really inspired.”!

The Below Deck Med star also touched on her budding relationship with co-star Malia, who “always encouraged” her to make the career change in season seven.

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Throughout the season Veale has relied on fellow crew member Mzi Dempers to show her the ropes when it came down to her new role as deckhand. 

The reality star admitted she was very nervous to begin her new yachting role as she “didn’t want to mess up”.  

But Dempers, who also goes by the name ‘Zee’, was quick to ease the star’s nerves, as he quickly became Veale’s “safety net”.

She recalled: “The minute I saw him he became my safety net. It can be tricky joining a yacht midway through the season, but Zee helped me make the transition so easily. We were back to our good banter which definitely helps the work environment.”

However, recently Veale has accused producers of the show to be “manipulating” how the season plays out in order to “fake” an on-screen romance with co-star Dempers.

It comes after the crew member had been the subject of fan speculation after instantly hitting it off with co-star Dempers when they met on season six of Below Deck Mediterranean.

Despite the pair sharing a few kisses while working onboard the Lady Michelle yacht, Veale insisted she and co-star Zee were just friends.

During an interview on Access All Areas, Courtney explained: “With me and Zee, it was just a tequila romance and I knew that, just one night.”

The Below Deck star said: “They definitely edit it in a way that if they don’t have a romance going on then they’ll make one.”

Despite there being many instances when “boatmances” have become permanent during the run of the hit reality show, the deckhand made it clear she wanted to steer clear of romantic relationships while working in a professional environment.

Below Deck Mediterranean is streaming on Bravo in the US.

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