Ben Shephard torn between Holly Willoughby and rival Susanna Reid

Ben Shephard is a man in high demand at the moment after a string of successful appearances on This Morning, fronting the show alongside Holly Willoughby.

The presenter, 48, was a massive hit amongst fans, with many hoping he will become a regular fixture as Holly searches for her permanent co-host, following the step-down of Phillip Schofield.

However, he is more often seen earlier in the day on Good Morning Britain, where he frequently appears alongside Susanna Reid.

Sources tell OK! that Ben has been left 'in two minds' over which show he would pick up permanently.

“Ben loves doing both shows, but Susanna Reid really wants him to stay on Good Morning Britain. Although they are on the same channel, they’re sort of rivals and both need ratings, and Ben is great at bringing in viewers," explained the source.

Phillip stepped down from This Morning earlier this year amid feud rumours between himself and Holly, and was embroiled in a scandal after he admitted to having a relationship with a young runner during his time on the show.

Despite the ordeal, Holly has remained on the show and ploughed on with a number of guest presenters since the departure – including Josie Gibson, Alison Hammons, Andi Peters, and Ben.

Continuing that the situation hasn't had a positive impact on This Morning's popularity, the source continued: "This Morning has had mixed ratings since Phil left, and not everyone sees Holly in the way they once did, so she needs a good partner next to her who’ll bring in ratings.

“Ben is great at that. The public like him, he’s very honest and he’s a genuinely nice guy. He’s in two minds about what he would do if he was offered a permanent position on This Morning, he’d have to make a difficult choice."

While Holly may be keen for Ben to stick around, GMB's Susanna will no doubt also be vying to keep him at her side, after her co-host Piers Morgan also fled the nest in 2021.

“Susanna won’t want Ben to leave because he’s so popular. Both she and Holly lost their TV husbands – Piers and Phil – so they’ll both be wanting Ben now. The other partnerships on This Morning with Holly haven’t worked as well as her and Phil, so Ben might be the answer." added the source.

Addressing the difficult time since losing her co-host, Holly told OK! earlier this month: "I know there's been lots of reports about things and for me personally, you know, I don't want to speak on behalf of other people, but it's a world I honestly I don't recognise.

"This last year has been quite difficult at times. You know, if I'm really honest, it's been up and down. I think it's been a really difficult year for everybody but what's lovely is you find that people rally around you and, you know, the goodwill is there."

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