'Big Brother 21' Star, Jackson Michie Addresses the Rumor He Cheated While on Slop

Jackson Michie was controversial throughout Big Brother 21. That’s because he started the game playing hard with his choice of houseguests to banish. He then had a few heated moments with multiple houseguests.

He was also criticized by fans who watched the live feeds. Some believed he cheated while on slop by eating food that was against the rules. Find out what he has to say about that rumor and more. Warning spoilers for the season finale!

Jackson Michie’s diet was highlighted this season of ‘Big Brother’

There are weird things about houseguests that become a part of Big Brother. This season that included Jackson’s love for watermelon.

Every time he won Head of Household he got multiple watermelons. He also talked about his love for the fruit with other houseguests. Many fans joked that if he won he would spend a lot of his prize money on just watermelons.

The thing about food in the Big Brother house is that production provides it. However, there is one reason why houseguests do get more restricted with what they can eat.

Fans believed Jackson cheated while on slop

You have to eat just slop and sleep in a different room when you’re a Have-Not on Big Brother. Jackson became one and therefore had to leave behind his watermelons for slop.

However, many believed that he didn’t follow the rules. This is because he was seen showering on the live feeds and some believe he would turn away from the camera to eat.

There were enough people believing this that they called for a punishment. A penalty vote could be given to a houseguest for cheating, which is an automatic vote against a houseguest when they’re on the block.

It was never addressed on the show whether Jackson was eating anything other than slop or not. So there also wasn’t a punishment given. Jackson went on to win the entire season.

Many can’t deny that he did a lot to get there by winning multiple competitions and keeping Holly Allen safe. There is still a question of whether he cheated that week.

He says he didn’t eat in the shower

Now that it’s over the winner was asked if he cheated while on slop by eating in the shower.

“I wasn’t,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “I respect this game too much. At no point would I ever think that I deserved something over anybody else. I really, really wasn’t.”

He continued, “I volunteered to be a Have-Not. I wanted to get that experience of Big Brother. I volunteered to go up on the block as a pawn. I threw a rogue vote. Everything that I did was to make sure that if I walked out of these doors, I gave it my all and I played Big Brother to the best of my ability. And that includes being punished. That includes eating slop for a week. And I like to eat. And at no point did I ever even consider going back on that.”

In the end, the winner says he followed the rules. Now that he’s out of the house he can eat whatever he wants again.

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