Big Brother breaks huge rule as Henry’s family member enters house – just hours before show final | The Sun

BIG Brother bosses have been accused of breaking show rules after his dog was allowed into the house.

Normally the ITV2 housemates are not allowed to interact with anyone from the outside world in any way whilst on the show.

However, as part of a new task one housemate was reunited with his 'best friend,' just hours before the live final.

The housemates are living their penultimate day in the iconic house and Big Brother gathered the group on the sofa.

Revealing the task, Big Brother said: “Seeing as you’ve all been such angels while staying in my house, I thought I’d treat you to a little taste of heaven.” 

The power continued: "Each housemate I call to the Diary Room must decide whether to enter heaven themselves or choose another housemate to go through those pearly gates instead.



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"Only half of you will get to experience a seven minute slice of your own personal heaven. The other half will remain slumming it down on earth."

Jordan headed to the Diary Room where Big Brother offered him a session of relaxation with glass of wine and some classical music.

His offer of time would go to Henry, who would reunite with his beloved dog Mabel.

Last night on Late And Live, an exclusive clip revealed that the food writer was selected to spend time with his canine companion.

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Elsewhere, Noky was offered the chance to gorge out on a delicious sushi buffet for one.

However, if she accepted then Yinrun would miss out on the opportunity of enjoying a luxury afternoon tea. 

Matty had the opportunity to release his inhibitions with seven full minutes of some free-spirited dancing.

Reacting to the dilemma, he said: "I think that is honestly what I need."

However, if he opted for his treat, Olivia would miss out on the opportunity to enjoy seven minutes of glorious karaoke, complete with a cosmopolitan cocktail.

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