Big Brother fans sure they missed scene as Jordan and Matty have serious chat

Big Brother fans have hit out at bosses at the ITV show after a "serious" conversation between Matty and Jordan was seemingly edited out.

The two housemates were seen having a deep chat whilst taking part in the house shopping task for the week on Monday's edition of the show (October 23). In the chat, Jordan points out to Matty that he does not feel comfortable being touched physically.

Romantic tension has been brewing between the two housemates, and the pair have been flirting outrageously ahead of the shopping task. But in the conversation, Jordan tried to put a barrier between the two, saying that "being touchy feely isn't me".

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Jordan added: "You're sometimes humorous, you're sometimes cute. But other than that, you know, I like to treat everyone equally."

He finished off the conversation joking to Matty: "Actually, no I don't. But in the inner circle, so yeah…" Later on in the show, Matty admitted that he sussed the beginnings of romantic feelings on Jordan's side.

"I think he has romantic feelings, possibly, or the start of a romantic feeling arising," Matty said of Jordan. "I think that's what he's tried to imply without saying it but it was making me feel a bit sad the past couple of days when he needed space from me."

But despite the sexual tension between the two guys, fans watching the show were left confused as the conversation seemed to come out of nowhere. Bewildered viewers were quick to take to social media to vent their frustrations.

One viewer was left scratching their heads at how the conversation came about. Taking to Twitter, they wrote: "I feel like we’ve missed a conversation here… did Jordan confess?"

Another fan admitted they we unsure what prompted the chat between the two housemates, writing: "I’m going to need Matty and Jordan to have a serious conversation about the serious conversation, because I’m more confused than ever."

But a third user believed that they had worked out what the conversation was about. "Matty is aware Jordan has feelings, Jordan is aware – Matty doesn’t," they wrote. "They both appreciate each other as friends though."

Jordan and Matty have found themselves in a love triangle, together with fellow housemate Henry. Jordan is at the centre of the drama, with both Matty and Henry vying for his attention.

Previously, food critic Henry and lawyer Jordan seemed like a perfect fit due to their mannerisms. But in the last week, Matty's bubbly personality has stirred the pot, leading Jordan's eyes to wander.

Big Brother airs every weekday and Sunday at 9pm on ITV2.

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