Big Brother live feed spoilers: Tommy reveals his secret

Big Brother live feed spoilers are certainly shaking up the house today. Tommy Bracco decided that it was time to reveal his secret to Holly Allen and Jackson Michie.

Many live feed subscribers were pretty frustrated, though, as fish were put up on the screen as he started telling the story. Now, Holly and Jackson are starting to wonder if other people knew each other in the BB21 cast.

As many Big Brother fans already know, Christie Murphy dated Tommy’s aunt for a number of years. Tommy knew Christie really well before they both entered the house this summer.

While Christie spoke about knowing Tommy during her exit interview with host Julie Chen Moonves, they had somehow kept their secret from the rest of the house. Even though they were not very good at it.

Conspiring houseguests: More Big Brother live feed spoilers

Holly and Jackson are starting to think they should have listened more closely to Kathryn Dunn when she told them that people were conspiring against her. Could it have kept her alive in the game for longer?

The paranoia is now running rampant in the BB21 house as Holly and Jackson wondered if Nick Maccarone and Nicole Anthony knew each other. They didn’t, but they certainly live close enough to each other outside of the show that it raised some interesting questions.

There have been a lot of fish on the feeds today as production tried to hide a lot of the conversation where Tommy explained how he knew Christie. It’s possible that this was simply done because his aunt hadn’t signed a waiver to be discussed openly on the program.

So now what? Will these Big Brother live feed spoilers hurt Tommy Bracco? Is it going to impact whether or not Holly and Jackson decide to keep him around?  We already know the new HOH and their nominations, so it could certainly impact what gets done with the Power of Veto next week.

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