'BiP': Nicole Lopez-Alvar Just Told Her Followers 'Instagram Is a Lie'

Like every season of Bachelor in Paradise, viewers watch love flourish and hearts break. And while Nicole Lopez-Alvar’s relationship with Clay Harbor appeared to be one of the strongest on the beach from the get-go, we now know they weren’t meant to be. Despite her failed relationship with Harbor, we know Lopez-Alvar is still one of the most popular contestants to be on Paradise this season, as her amazing wit and hilarious social media captions are keeping her in the spotlight.

Lopez-Alvar is keeping it real on her Instagram, too. After one of her followers asked her if she lost weight, she explained that her fans shouldn’t trust everything they see on social media. Here’s what she wrote.

Nicole Lopez-Alvar made a splash with Clay Harbor in ‘Paradise’

When Paradise started, it seemed like Lopez-Alvar and Harbor were going to last forever. They had a few hiccups along the way, as all couples do. Lopez-Alvar was pursued by a few other men, and Harbor had to deal with his most recent ex, Angela Amezcua, coming on to the beach later. But despite the outside distractions, Harbor and Lopez-Alvar always came back to each other.

Everything seemed to change when it came time to make a final decision regarding where their relationship stood, however. Lopez-Alvar wanted Harbor to tell her that he loved her — but he couldn’t do it. People reminds us he told her, “I’m not ready to move in together or get down on one knee right now, but I know what I want and that’s for us to take things slow and to leave here together.” Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough for Lopez-Alvar, and she called it quits on their relationship.

“When a man’s actions don’t line up with his words, when a man’s promises fall flat, and when a man dares to string you along (whether it’s for 16 days or for 8 months) knowing very well he does not see a future with you — we are better off on our own than loving a man who doesn’t know what he has when he has it,” Lopez-Alvar went on to state in an Instagram post.

She’s been posting funny Instagram posts ever since

Lopez-Alvar may have made a serious statement when it comes to what she deserves as a woman, but she’s also making her social media followers laugh. Like many other Bachelor Nation stars, she posts many selfies and is seemingly an Instagram influencer, so it pays to hold her followers’ attention spans. But it’s her captions on her Instagram photos where she really shines.

“Up next on National Geographic: the last known photographs of a 26-year-old female homo sapien moments before proclaiming she would, and I quote, ‘Never go out two nights in a row ever again,’ Fascinating,” she captioned this photo of herself. And recently, she posted a photo of herself eating a donut with the caption, “You drive me glazy, I love to eat / I’m so gluttonous, you are too sweet /Whoa oh oh, glazy, but you taste just right / Baby, thinking of you keeps me up all night.”

Lopez-Alvar reminded her followers that Instagram doesn’t show the whole story

Just looking at Instagram, it’s safe to assume Lopez-Alvar is living the dream with her beautiful photos and witty captions. But she just gave one of her followers a reality check on the post of her eating a donut. “You look so good and it definitely looks like you lost a lot of weight? What’s the secret?” a follower commented.

To that, she wrote back, “I’ve actually gained weight. I swear..prob heaviest I’ve ever been since freshman year of college. It’s called oversized sweater and angle! Instagram is a lie. Remember that. All these influencers photoshop the hell out of themselves to gain more money from brands.”

Despite Lopez-Alvar’s warning about Instagram reality, her followers continued to comment on how amazing she looks. And of course, they love her captions as well. We’re hoping Lopez-Alvar keeps on keeping it real with us all, as there’s no doubt she’s a breath of fresh air!

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