Bob Saget Actually Can Play Guitar, as Seen During These 'Full House' Episodes

Danny Tanner is known for his love for hugs and his passion for cleaning. Even though guitar playing may not be among his most memorable skills, the actor behind this character, Bob Saget, was actually playing the instrument for several episodes of Full House

Bob Saget portrayed Danny Tanner during ‘Full House’

The Tanner house is always full of love (and people). At the center of it all, though, is one of television’s most iconic dads — Danny Tanner. Portrayed by Saget, Danny Tanner enlisted the help of his two best friends after the death of his partner. 

Through eight seasons of this comedy series, fans learned about his love for a clean house and crisp laundry. Viewers also heard plenty of passionate “dad talks” and family hugs. 

Yes, he loves to talk and to clean, but Danny Tanner also loves music. This character encouraged his daughters to pursue the arts, whether that be dancing or acting. He even showcased his singing and guitar-played skills in this sitcom. 

Danny Tanner showcased his guitar skills during this sitcom

For several episodes of Full House, Saget was actually playing the guitar as his character. After dating someone much younger, the character poured his heart into a rendition of “Young Girl.” During the same “Ol’ Brown Eyes” episode, he performed “My Girl” for his eldest daughter, DJ. 

Sometimes Danny Tanner would sing with Joey Gladstone and Jesse Katsopolis to get Michelle to fall asleep. Other times, the Tanner family didn’t support Danny’s love for music. 

When the Beach Boys were late for their appearance on Wake Up, San Francisco, Danny Tanner decided to occupy the audience with his impromptu version of “Good Vibrations.” According to Rebecca, Danny’s vibrations were far from good. 

This passion for music even propelled Danny Tanner to audition for Uncle Jesse’s new band, Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets. Complete with his new name (“Mildew”), his guitar skills, and a super clean amplifier, he almost got the gig. 

John Stamos, who portrayed Uncle Jesse also rocked out on several instruments, as seen during Full House. The actor played the drums, guitar, piano, and sang alongside other musicians. 

Bob Saget learned guitar prior to his appearance in ‘Full House’

Saget is known for his stardom in Full House and its Netflix spinoff series, Fuller House. Before he appeared as Danny Tanner in this original, he was performing stand-up comedy and playing his guitar.

“When I was 17, I was strictly a guitar act,” Saget said during a 2016 interview with Student Life. “When I was in college, I was doing improv every weekend and stand-up every weekend. I was going to film school, so stand-up was something that sort of just happened. I would write comedy songs, which I obviously still do — half my show is music.”

Episodes of Full House are available for streaming on Hulu.

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