Britain's Got Talent 2022 LIVE: Amanda Holden & judges return to BGT hot seat TONIGHT; plus time & how to watch

BGT returns to our screens TONIGHT with another jam-packed show of fun, mayhem – and jaw-dropping talent.

Members of the public will again take to the Britain's Got Talent stage to show off their skills in the auditions- featuring an array of singing, dancing, comedy & everything in between.

Judges Amanda Holden, Simon Cowell, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon will all be ready with their fingers on the buzzer.

So far, Simon, Amanda, David and Ant and Dec have used their Golden Buzzer privileges.

This means Alesha Dixon is the only judge yet to use hers.

And tonight’s episode is one you won’t want to miss after the official Britain's Got Talent Twitter account teased Walliams dressing up as the Golden Buzzer.

Britain’s Got Talent is set to air tonight (May 14, 2022) at 8pm on ITV.

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  • Joseph Gamp

    What time is BGT on?

    Get your popcorn ready and grab your favourite seat on the sofa…

    Britain’s Got Talent is back on ITV tonight (May 7) at 8pm.

  • Joseph Gamp

    BGT fans slam ‘irresponsible’ show

    BRITAIN’S Got Talent fans were stunned after a contestant’s “irresponsible” act left them bleeding in front of the judges.

    Medics came to the aid of JD Anderson — who has appeared on America’s Got Talent — in the latest round of auditions for Simon Cowell‘s show.

    BGT judges Simon, David Walliams, Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden were amazed when JD ‘The Iceman’ snapped baseball bats in half and smashed through blocks of ice with his head on stage at the London Palladium.

    The blocks got bigger with each stunt and he finally charged through a long row of blocks before falling to the floor with blood seeping from a nasty gash.

    An onlooker told The Sun: “You expect weird acts but this guy was smashing ice on his head.”

    Reacting on Twitter to his offbeat act, one viewer said: “I hate these sort of acts. He’s like actually bleeding! I don’t want to see drowning magicians and I don’t want to see head butting walls of ice”

    Another said: “Sorry putting JD the strong man act through is feckin irresponsible”

    Another tweeted: “oh my goodness, he’s bleeding , hitting that ice has gotta hurt….ouch.”

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    Fans ‘figure out’ how Keiichi Iwasaki’s incredible ring trick is done

    The Japanese street magician left the judges and audience gobsmacked last week as he invited judge Alesha Dixon to assist him in a mind-blowing illusion.

    Taking direction from Keiichi, Alesha raises one finger and holds it in place while he shows off a ring.

    Walking away from her he mysteriously says: “This ring, your finger.”

    With a flick of his hand the ring starts to spin at speed in the air.

    Simon Cowell looks a bit terrified, but Keiichi’s ring continues to hover through the air towards Alesha and the audience are transfixed.

    The ring lands on Alesha’s finger as Keiichi lets out a scream and the audience erupt.

    But those watching at home think they have already cracked how he did it as they spotted a “device”.

    One person commented: “You can see the device on his right middle finger.”

    A second added: “He has something between his index and middle finger in her  right hand, that probably does the trick but I don’t know what it is.”

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    Britain’s Got Talent’s Bars & Melody unrecognisable

    BRITAIN’S Got Talent stars Bars and Melody look very different to the days when they appeared as angelic youngsters on the show.

    The lads, now in their 20s, are still going as a rap and R&B act, but will be forever remembered for their anti-bullying song on the show.

    These days Charlie Lenehan – known as Melody – is covered in tattoos, with inkings on his neck, arms and chest.

    But he is as close as ever to co-star Leondre Devries – who is Bars – with the pair seen enjoying themselves in exotic locations all over the world.

    But life after the talent show hasn’t all been plane sailing.

    In 2016, Leondre’s father, Antonio Devries, filed a lawsuit against the duo alleging that Hopeful was his song, written about troubles he was having in his life.

    He said that he was unhappy the pair moved away and that he was responsible for promoting Bars and Melody before they appeared on Britain’s Got Talent.

    A statement issued at the time from the duo read: “Bars and Melody are sorry to hear that legal action is being threatened and hope that it will be resolved quickly and amicably.”

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    BGT’s Amanda Holden breaks down in tears as The Frontline Singers perform

    AMANDA Holden broke down in tears as she watched a choir made up of frontline workers including paramedics and police officers perform an original song about the coronavirus pandemic.

    The Frontline Singers won a standing ovation from the audience and judges who were all moved by the touching track.

    The choir was founded by James Beeny and Gina Georgio during the COVID-19 Pandemic, who wanted to bring joy to the world after a difficult two years.

    Some of the heartwarming lyrics include: “Where every boy and every girl living in this strange old world.

    “We’ll see the best that we can be…they will learn from you and me.”

    After their performance, Alesha – who was fighting back tears – said: “I found that really moving. I hung on to every single world. It was so poignant, so lovely and we are in debt to you. It was very touching.”

    Amanda told her: “It was just wonderful we could be a part of it all and you get this moment because it was tremendous.”

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    Love Island fans all say the same thing as first look at new series airs during Britain’s Got Talent

    LOVE Island fans were beside themselves as the first look at the upcoming season aired during last week's Britain’s Got Talent.

    The dating show phenomenon will start again next month and the unexpected teaser delighted fans.

    It showed claymation scene featuring a person swimming in the pool doing ‘salmon dives’.

    The teaser also paid homage to Millie Court’s iconic moment last season when she played the keyboard and instantly became a meme.

    Declaring “Love we own it”, the teaser also played the series’ recognisable cutaway music, to the delight of fans watching at home.

    “Love Island must be back we all know that tune,” tweeted one person.

    Another added: “Just seen the first advert that love island is coming back soon…. And I’m absolutely here for it.”

    “Just heard that magical noise of summer…”

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    Recap: Who are the BGT 2022 Golden Buzzer acts?

    BRITAIN’S Got Talent has welcomed a fresh batch of contestants that hope their audition earns them the golden buzzer.

    When the button is pressed, the act automatically secures a place in the live semi-finals. Take a look here at who has received it so far:

    • Magician Keiichi
    • Singer Loren Allred
    • Comedian Axel Blake
    • Dance group Born To Perform

    So far, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, David Walliams and Ant and Dec have used their button preivilages.

    This means Alesha Dixon is the only judge yet to use hers.

    Fans brand show a ‘fix’ as pro magician gets golden buzzer 

    BRITAIN’S Got Talent fans branded the show a fix last week after a magician ended up getting the golden buzzer.

    Viewers felt that Keiichi Iwasaki was too professional and it should have gone to nine-year-old singer Immi Davis instead.

    Keiichi is a well-known Japanese street magician, who has auditioned for the show in three other countries, including Italy in 2016, Bulgaria in 2021 and Spain in 2019 where he made it to the semi-finals.

    Keiichi also auditioned for Germany’s Das Supertalent last year.

    Immi meanwhile is an up and coming singer, who blew the judges away with her rendition of I Put A Spell On You.

    Taking to Twitter to discuss the golden buzzer, one person wrote: “Complete fix how many professionals/ known talent are going to get the golden buzzer this year #BritainsGotTalent.”

    A second commented: “No way I’m sorry but that 9 year old should have got that golden buzzer tonight.”

    And a third added: “Golden Buzzer??? For that s**??? This is show is f**king fixed.”

    David Walliams dresses up as the GOLDEN BUZZER tonight

    David Walliams loves dressing up so much that it's easier to list costumes he's not worn than those he has.

    But on this weekend's Britain's Got Talent, the comic and children's writer manages to take it to the next level.

    He descends from the roof dressed as a giant golden buzzer at the opening of the ITV show on Saturday.

    The audience waiting for the line-up of variety performers were in raptures as fellow judge Simon Cowell pressed the small buzzer on David's head – and it shot out a burst of confetti.

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