Catherine Bell on NCIS: L.A. cast — Who plays Sarah ‘Mac’ Mackenzie?

Catherine Bell returns to the NCIS: L.A. cast as Marine Lt. Col. Sarah “Mac” Mackenzie on the Season 11 premiere of the show. It serves as a continuation of the two episodes that ended Season 10 back in May.

During an intriguing storyline to wrap up Season 10, the two starring members of the JAG cast took part in a crossover with the NCIS: Los Angeles cast. JAG has been off the air for years, but it led to the creation of the NCIS shows.

Actor David James Elliott appeared as Navy Captain Harmon Rabb, Jr., who had co-starred with Catherine Bell on JAG. The duo reunited and will appear again when Season 11 begins on Sunday, September 29.

The CBS schedule is showing that it will begin at 9 p.m. for some areas and 9:30 p.m. for other areas, so you will need to check your local listings for the NCIS: L.A. start time on Sunday night.

Who is Catherine Bell on NCIS: Los Angeles cast?

Actress Catherine Bell had a lot of smaller film and TV roles before she got her big break as Sarah MacKenzie (Mac) on JAG. She kept that role for 205 episodes of the show and was very recognizable to the CBS audience.

Bell would later appear as Denise Sherwood on Army Wives and as Cassie Nightingale on the Good Witch television show and films. Bell remained very busy with her role as Cassie, which kept her at work for years.

Having Bell back on CBS as a supporting character for the NCIS: Los Angeles cast has been a treat for viewers who also watched JAG. While it will only end up being a guest-starring role for them, it has been fun to see Mac and Harm back on the small screen.

Don’t forget to tune in for the Season 11 premiere episode of NCIS: L.A., where fans will also see the return of G. Callen (played by Chris O’Donnell), Kensi (Daniela Rush), Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen), Sam (LL Cool J), and Hetty (Linda Hunt). Yep, Hetty is back!

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