Celebs Go Dating’s Anna Williamson says she'll be wearing her 'sexy undies' to spice up Valentine's Day in lockdown

CELEBS Go Dating’s Anna Williamson has shared top tips to spice up your Valentine’s Day and joked that she'll be wearing her "sexy undies".

The dating expert, 39, said that she wants couples and single people toembrace the most romantic day of the year.

The star revealed that she was left “stressed and crying" during lockdown, joking that "some days are great, some days are p**s poor."

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, she said: “Lockdown has been very stressful and I have so much empathy for everyone.

"I think for working parents it’s been the impossible really and I’ve had to manage those expectations for myself and the demands placed on me and my husband.

“We’ve had to readjust on several things throughout the last year. But it’s about equal respect.

"There have been times where I have sat on the loo and had a good cry and there have been days where I have been really fortunate and grateful and think I’ve got all this time with my children. Some days are great, some days are p**s poor."

Anna said she enjoys spicing up her marriage by making an effort by slipping into sexy undies.

She said: "Make the effort, put some sexy undies on that goes for him and her.

"We need to hang on and embrace anything that’s positive. Even if you’re not into Valentines Day it’s an opportunity to do something nice for the person you love."

The love guru is currently on a mission to find her single celebrities love on the E4 dating show.

Anna has revealed her top dating advice to reignite the spark ahead of Valentine's Day, she said: "If you’re getting fed up with each other. It’s perfectly normal, as human beings we aren’t designed to be with someone all the time.

"Create that space as much as you can, whether it’s going for a walk by yourself, utilise having space in the day.

"But equally it’s really important you need to agree on those times that you are together so your relationship doesn’t fizzle out."

Anna, who will be spending her Valentine's with hubby Alex Di Pasquale, cracking open a expensive bubbly and watching a cheesy rom com, said that couples need to think outside the box this year.

She said: "You need to get lockdown out of your head. I’m a married and I'm sick to death of the bl**dy lockdown but you’ve got to get it out of your head.

"Enjoy the fact that the money you are going to save from not going out, it’s justification to go a little bit special on date night at home.

"Think outside the box, create a theme night like cocktail, baking or fondue. There are companies out there booming with ideas to spice up your home life."

Anna, who revealed that she experienced the pains of loneliness after the birth of son Enzo in 2016, said that everyone should treat themselves with more kindness this year.

She said: "I think it’s brilliant to celebrate Valentines but equally but if it isn’t something you are in the position to celebrate with another partner, then celebrate it yourself.

"f I was single right now I would order the biggest slap up meal for one with the most expensive champagne. Use this opportunity on some self-love."

A number of couples will be feeling the strain on their relationship as coronavirus restrictions keep them apart.

The star explained: "The problem with long distance couples is that it’s always important to end that distance but obviously we’re legally not allowed to.

"I would say to utilise any opportunities you have for video calling to spice up your conversation, on valentines send each other something nice, do something a little bit romantic.

"Focus on the end goal, this lockdown will end. Work together on planning what you’re going to do when lockdown ends."

Anna said that dating apps is the way forward, she added: "I think online dating is terrific. If your feeling fatigued with online dating come off it and pause because you have to be fully up for it for it to go in your favour.

"Have you intention in place and only accept messages from someone who has the same intentions as you.

"I think there does need to be more regulations on dating apps and websites for the more serious daters among us.

"Always check in with what your intention is and why you’re on dating apps."

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