Changing Rooms fans all have the same complaint about Channel 4 series as they demand big change to show | The Sun

CHANGING ROOMS fans have branded the new series as “bland” and complaints are pouring in about the shows new format.

Changing Rooms originally ran from 1996-2004 on Channel 4 and went off air for 17 years before being rebooted with the same format in 2021.

The show’s return was a success and Chaning Rooms is back for another season but this time – without co-host Anna Richardson.

TV host, Anna Richardson previously presented the show back in 2021.

But since the programme has made a return this year, there’s no sign of Anna or any other host in the new series.

Anna now presents the raunchy reality TV dating gameshow, Naked Attraction, and according to reports, her schedule was too demanding to return to Changing Rooms.

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Viewers of the popular lifestyle programme, are not happy with the producer’s decision of not having a host on the show, and they say it “doesn’t flow as it did”.

Fan’s took to social media to ask the makers of the show to bring back Anna Richardson to host.

One viewer said: “Not sure about season two of #changingrooms on Channel 4- no host, just endless voiceovers from designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. Definitely missing something.”

Another annoyed viewer said: “Something is definitely missing! #Changingrooms”.

Another echoed: “Changing Rooms just doesn't work as well without a presenter. I can sort of see why, but it needs someone to ground #ChangingRooms."

"Why did they get rid of Anna Richardson? She was great and I think needed. Not sure I like this new format," another viewer said.

Fan's of the series, didn't seem to impressed with the new format of the show too.

 "Very bland this series so far, preferred last series two,” another user added.

It was recently announced that the Naked Attraction star, would not be appearing in the new series, and instead Interior designer, Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen will be a designer and some what a host on the show.

This comes after, speculation about the show getting cancelled.

A TV source, told The Mirror: "Channel 4 will be wondering what has gone wrong. A lot was put into it but it doesn't seem to have caught on."

Changing Rooms episodes will be available to watch on All 4 shortly after they are first broadcast.

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