Chesapeake Shores star claims ‘funniest line was unscripted’

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Treat Williams’ career has spanned decades, starting with iconic films like Hair, Once Upon a Time in America and Prince of the City before landing his acclaimed lead role in the 2002 series Everwood. He most recently starred as patriarch and construction entrepreneur Mick O’Brien in the Hallmark drama Chesapeake Shores, and received some glowing praise from his on-screen son Andrew Francis.

Screen icon Williams has apparently contributed to several of the best and funniest moments of Chesapeake Shores over the past six seasons.

The series began on the Hallmark Channel in 2016 and follows Abby O’Brien-Winters (played by Meghan Ory) when she reunites with her fractured family in her hometown.

Chesapeake Shores came to an end in October last year, and Francis confirmed new showrunner Phoef Sutton quickly fit right in.

He revealed the series had become increasingly collaborative over the years as the cast has gotten to know their characters better.

“The more recent showrunners and writers that we’ve had, Mark Legan and Phoef, were on set every single day,” he shared.

“And when there was something that wasn’t working they would be right there to rewrite something.

“In the days leading up to when we get the scripts and we’re going through them, we could call and change things, or ask for things to be changed.

“They would grant things that they thought would totally make sense and were for the character.”

Although the cast has free reign to change their dialogue, the writers and producers ultimately have the final say for what ends up in the final edit.

“But sometimes they’d say, ‘No, there’s a story reason for this to happen’,” Francis continued.

“And in the edit, it was always found that they were definitely right. Whether they were accepting of you or wanting change or they were saying, ‘No, leave it the way it is’. But they would always give you the option of doing it both ways.”

As a veteran TV actor, Francis’ experienced co-star Williams contributed a number of his own quips and gags which the writers agreed were too good not to include.

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“One person who really took advantage of this and, I think, the best, was Treat Williams,” Francis revealed on Chatting With B.

“He’s just spectacularly funny. And just a mega-talent.

“There’s this one line in the last season where he walks back in – spoiler alert for season five – Treat walks in mid-season, I think episode five, and we had just put the dupe on DLP.

“Mailed the wrong thing and caught them looking in my desk. The scene was just supposed to end with us leaving.

“But Treat and Phoef gets on really well because they’re both into the same old movie humour, they get more stuff than I get.”

“And Treat wanted to walk in and say, ‘That’s my son, the lawyer!’ And that wasn’t scripted at all.

“He came in and did that a few times and it made the cut, and it happened to be one of the funniest lines in the whole series.”

Francis concluded by reiterating how open the writers have been to hear the actors’ ideas throughout the series.

As Chesapeake Shores also includes industry greats like Jesse Metcalfe and Diane Ladd, it’s highly likely that many of the show’s best lines came directly from the stars themselves.

Chesapeake Shores is available to watch on the Hallmark Channel in the USA and Netflix in the UK.

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