Claudia Fogarty storms off as Love Islands Casey moves on with Rosie

Love Island: Claudia storms out of bedroom and sleeps outside

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Rosie Seabrook arrived as a bombshell on Friday night along with Keanan Brand as Movie Night came to an end in the Love Island villa. While Love Island was off air on Saturday, it seems Rosie quickly caught the attention of Casey as the pair got closer in bed. As they lay nearby, Claudia Fogarty was not impressed and walked out of the room to get some peace and quiet.

During Friday night’s recoupling, Keanan decided to recouple with Claudia, who was happy in a couple with Casey.

To make matters worse, Rosie announced she wanted to couple up with Casey.

As the pair were split up, Claudia was visibly upset but it seems Casey wasn’t too disappointed.

Instead, when the lights went out, Casey and Rosie could be heard talking about their bedtime preferences.

It all proved too much for Claudia, who left Keanan in bed alone, put on her slippers and went out to the day beds.

She was consoled the next morning by Tanya Manhenga and Shaq Muhammad before speaking to the girls about Rosie’s night with Casey.

Claudia was then left heartbroken when Rosie shared her doubts she and Casey are compatible.

Rosie told Samie, Sanam and Jessie: “I feel like the only couple that I think weren’t compatible were Casey and Claudia.”

“Why do you think that?” asked Samie as Rosie explained: “I don’t see the sexual chemistry between them.

“I feel like he needs somebody who brings out his personality a bit more and I think she maybe needs someone that’s a bit more mature.”

Samie later relayed this to Rosie, dishing: “Rosie turned around and said she didn’t feel like there was sexual chemistry between you two.”

Wanting answers, Claudia decided to pull Rosie for a chat to find out why she felt she had no chemistry with Casey.

But it seemed as though Casey may be having doubts himself as he told Rosie she’d given him a lot to think about.

Casey told the bombshell: “So much has happened in the space of an evening, you’ve definitely come in and made an impact for sure.”

“Do you think?” Rosie asked as Casey continued: “I think so, well for me you have. It’s given me a lot to think about.”

Is it all over for Claudia and Casey?

Elsewhere in the villa, Ron pulled Lana for a chat and decided he wanted to make their relationship official.

He told her: “We’ve known how each other feel for a long time. We’ve been holding back on saying it. I know we talk about being stronger than ever. I don’t think anyone comes close to us.

“I’ve never had a relationship or anything like that so for me its like a massive thing. We’ve said to each other about being exclusive but that’s not enough for me. I want the title. I want you to be my girlfriend. I’m asking you will I be my girlfriend?”

The pair became the first official couple in the Love Island villa – but will they make it to the final?

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm.

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