Coronation Street legend Anna Windass to return as she adopts Abi Franklins baby?

'Anna Windass' bids farewell to Coronation Street

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Anna (played by Debbie Rush) was a resident of Coronation Street between the years of 2008 and 2018, and was the mother of Gary Windass (Mikey North) and adoptive mother of Faye Windass (Ellie Leach). The feisty character’s time on the ITV soap came to an end when she killed Pat Phelan (Connor McIntyre), leaving behind her loved ones who had come to adore her such as Seb Franklin (Harry Visinoni). During Sunday’s instalment of the weeknight serial drama, his mother Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) remembered him on his birthday after he died last year but just before the end credits rolled, it was revealed she was having a baby.

Abi had spent the episode in a huge amount of pain but she just assumed it was to do with the large number of drugs she had put into her system.

The troubled character suffered a relapse because of the pain of losing Seb and due to the fact her husband, Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) found out she had cheated on him.

One of the last things on her mind was to sit down and talk to someone but after spending the night intoxicated, she woke up to Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) at her front door.

Noting it was Seb’s birthday, the soap stalwart had brought her friend some flowers, hoping they would cheer her up.

Breaking down in tears, Abi couldn’t believe Eileen had remembered but she wasn’t the only one in Seb’s life who was thinking about him.

In a later scene, Abi was seen picking up some post and amongst the letters was a card from Anna, telling the troubled character she was thinking of her.

Anna had been close with Seb because he was her adoptive daughter, Faye’s boyfriend at the time she was living on the cobbles.

After hearing how her former neighbour had sent a card, Eileen told Seb’s mother: “He was very much loved.”

“Yes, he collected mother figures,” Abi replied, with the soap stalwart telling her not to bring herself down with the misdemeanours of her past.

Kevin’s wife went on to detail how she was going to mark her son’s 21st birthday as she had hoped she could make up for being so absent in his life.

He collected mother figures

Abi Franklin

As the episode continued, she wanted to drown out her heartache by taking more drugs but the pain she felt became more intolerable.

Following a heated confrontation with her husband when he walked in on her and her friend taking drugs in his living room, Abi ended up getting into a stolen vehicle with her dealer.

The man drove for miles in the sports car as he wanted to embrace joyriding it before trying to sell it to make some extra money.

Abi asked him to pull over as it soon dawned on her the pain she was feeling was because she was in labour, knowing the signs because she has had three children before.

This is Imran Habeeb’s (Charlie De Melo) child as the pair slept together last year in the fallout of Seb’s murder trial.

By the end of the episode, Abi was on her own at the side of the road and as she made the call for an ambulance, her phone died.

In upcoming scenes, it is likely she will give birth to the baby but spoilers have already revealed by the end of the week, she will be back on the cobbles without the child.

It seems she will be in denial over what has happened and will want nothing to do with her baby but she might know who could raise it.

Divulging her secret to Anna, she would ask her to take on the child as her own as she knows Seb thought so highly go her.

Anna could agree on the condition she stays in Weatherfield for a short time so if Abi changed her mind, she could take the baby back.

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However, as time presses on and Abi has no thought of taking on the baby, Anna could start the process of adoption as she wants to give the child the best chance in life.

With her history of taking care of Faye and the challenges it raised, she would be a sought after candidate from the agency.

Abi could accompany her to a meeting to hand over all her parental rights to Anna before the beloved character leaves the cobbles again.

The child’s mother won’t want to be reminded of giving up her child and if Anna were to be there, it would be too hard to move on from.

But will anyone realise the baby Anna had adopted is Abi’s or will the secret stay harboured forever?

The actress who played Anna, Debbie, has spoken out in the past about whether or not her character would return to the show.

Debbie said: “I had the best time on Coronation Street. But I moved on because I wanted to do other things. Never say never, but I don’t know.

“It was a great job, and I absolutely loved it. I didn’t leave because I hated it. I left for a few different reasons, and I loved going back.

“So I don’t know,” she told What’s On TV but will this be the storyline the beloved character makes her come back?

Coronation Street currently airs Mondays, Wednesdays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm and Fridays at 7:30pm for an hour on ITV.

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