Coronation Street resident in danger as youngster makes wrong move

Coronation Street: Eliza and Sam strike up a friendship

In upcoming episodes on Coronation Street, Stu Carpenter (played by Bill Fellowes) is on hand when granddaughter Eliza (Savannah Kunyo) is left embarrassed.

Eliza’s excited to go to the cinema with Dom (Darren Morfitt) but she returns home from school in tears as she tells Stu she started her period in the middle of PE.

The youngster explains she wanted to die with embarrassment and doesn’t want to see her Dad.

Stu hugs her and no doubt hopes Eliza is more dependent on him and won’t want to move away with her father.

However, viewers think Stu’s hope will be short-lived after Dom learned the grandfather has thousands.

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Eliza let slip Stu is rolling in money after he was wrongfully imprisoned for murder and awarded £200,000 in compensation.

Dom’s eyes lit up when he heard and as they went for ice-cream, he claimed he had forgotten his wallet.

Eliza exclaimed: “Don’t worry my grandad is minted now.”

Sadly for Eliza, her mistake could end up costing Stu his life if Dom goes to great lengths to get his hand on his money.

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Taking to Twitter, one viewer theorised: “That’s it Eliza – tell your dodgy dad that grandad is loaded, what could possibly go wrong?”

“He’s minted now – not something you want revealed to someone who supposedly forgot their wallet,” a second added.

A third warned: “Oooo, wrong move Eliza, bragging that your grandad is minted. Might have created a way for your dad to take advantage, big gob.”

Has Eliza put her grandfather in danger with her slip up? And what will Dom do to get his hands on Stu’s cash?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm.

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