Coronation Street spoilers: Cathy Matthews' hoarding spirals out of control leaving Yasmeen Nazir with a tough choice

CORONATION Street revisits Cathy Matthews’ compulsive hoarding next week as Yasmeen Nazir is forced to make a tough decision.

Cathy – who is played by Melanie Hill – sought refuge with Yasmeen and Eileen after receiving abuse for trolling Steve and Tracy and accusing them of stealing from Oliver's fundraising page. 

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But next week, Yasmeen confides in Alya that the house is starting to feel crowded and that she longs for some peace and quiet. 

Matters are made worse when Elaine and Cathy spot a mouse running around. 

Elaine loses it and blames Cathy and her slovenly ways for enticing vermin into the home. 

Cathy runs upstairs in tears as Yasmeen decides to call pest control. 

Later, Yasmeen is delighted when Ryan catches the mouse but she's shocked when he uncovers a mountain of boxes in the process.

Meanwhile, Roy tells Elaine about Cathy’s hoarding problem and hints it may have returned. 

Sure enough, Cathy tells Brian her hoarding problem is out of control again and that she's worried she's heading on a downward spiral.

Later, Cathy tells Yasmeen that it’s time she moved home and sorted her life out.

Yasmeen admits she’ll miss her and that they'll always be great friends – but that Cathy moving out is for the best.

Will Cathy get a handle on her hoarding problem or will it spiral out of control?

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