Coronation Street viewers ‘work out’ who Stephen Reid will murder next

Coronation Street fans are convinced they’ve worked out the identity of Stephen Reid’s next victim, as the cobbles serial killer turns his attention towards yet another obstacle in his path.

As regular viewers will know, dodgy businessman Stephen, played by Todd Boyce has already killed three people in Weatherfield, with fans at home now expressing concerns for another cobbles favourite in the coming weeks.

In Friday’s episode, Stephen was confronted by two small time drug dealers, who he previously purchased LSD from in order to drug Carla Connor and steal control of her business Underworld.

Connecting the dots to one of his murder victims, Rufus, who also happened to have LSD in his blood at the time of his death, the dealers attempted to blackmail Stephen into paying them off or risk being outed to the police.

Taking matters into his own hands, Stephen managed to terrify the duo into backing off, but unwittingly managed to upset his secret fiance Elaine in the process – something which later came to bite him as she accidentally confessed to her son Tim, that she was going to get married.

Far from pleased by the news, Tim forbid his mother to tie the knot, least of all with Stephen in Las Vegas as he feared she was being taken for a ride and would lose all of her finances in the process.

Clearly unwilling to accept the news, Tim didn’t mince his words as he told Elaine what he really thought, prompting his mother to move out of the home he shares with wife Sally to stay in a hotel until her new apartment was ready.

With Elaine storming off in a huff, Tim tried to warn off Stephen as he still harboured fears for her safety following her previous experience with his father, Geoff, who had brutally victimised her throughout their marriage.

“I’m not going to stand by and watch my mum get hurt,” Tim said to Stephen.

Clearly aiming for a reaction, Stephen hit back: “Listen you are so controlling, this is the sort of thing your dad would do. Do you really begrudge her a bit of happiness?”

Tim then told him: “The only way you’ll be marrying my mother is over my dead body.”

Stephen then chillingly told his future son-in-law: “I hope it doesn’t come to that.”

Immediately after the scenes had aired, fans at home were left fearing Tim could be Stephen’s next victim, as they took to social media to share their thoughts.

"Stephen better not touch Tim,” wrote one fan.

While a second viewer simply commented “YIKES!!"

Before a third weighed in and added: "At this rate Steve Will kill ever one on the street and still get away with it."


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