Coronation Street's Jennie McAlpine fears that Fiz and Tyrone could split again

It wouldn’t be Coronation Street without at least one relationship being in jeopardy and next week, the baton is handed to Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine) and Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall)…again.

You’ll be forgiven for wondering if Fiz or Tyrone will have an affair this time, given their recent history but no, the person causing the most trouble for them now is well, dead.

It’s John Stape, Fiz’s ex-husband.

In another case of ‘if I wasn’t in a relationship with a serial killer this never would’ve happened’ (honestly, happens to us all), Fiz is facing a living nightmare as she continues to try and have Hope’s (Isabella Flanagan) name removed from the book about John Stape which is being serialised in the Weatherfield Gazette.

While Fiz and Adam (Sam Robertson) are dealing with the matter in a grown-up, calm and logical way, the same cannot be said for Tyrone, who heads to a Q&A with the journalist and loses his rag when he suggests Fiz was complicit in Stape’s crimes.

Determined to be Fiz’s hero, Tyrone stands up, makes his way over to the journalist and punches him in the face!

‘Every time John Stape is mentioned it doesn’t end well for Fiz and Tyrone’, Jennie McAlpine recently told us as she reflected on these upcoming scenes.

‘Fiz has no idea why Tyrone has attacked the journalist, she feels like it has made the situation ten times worse. Fiz and Tyrone were trying to work out a way through this and Fiz even says, “I wanted to punch the journalist, but I didn’t because it would have made things worse and now you have!” Fiz feels like things have gone from bad to worse.

‘Tyrone has really not helped the situation. The other stress for Fiz is the amount of money it will cost to try and stop the publication; it is an unreachable amount for Fiz and Tyrone, so this makes her feel really lost.’

‘Let’s hope that their arguments don’t end in Fiz and Tyrone splitting up’, Jennie added, teasing the future for the couple.

‘This is what is so frustrating for Fiz, they are in it together and they are trying to work through it together and that’s what you do when family problems come up but then Tyrone does stupid things like punching people, and it really doesn’t help. But overall, I like that they are doing it together as a team.’

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