'Counting On' Fans Think Two Unsuspecting Duggar Sisters Are Closer Than the Rest

The Duggar family’s life has been documented for reality television for more than a decade. And after Josh Duggar’s sexual abuse scandal broke, TLC revamped the show to focus on the children. Counting On now follows the Duggar children as they grow up, get married, and start their own families. And some who watch the show think two sisters have, somewhat surprisingly, become the closest.

The show initially documented Jill and Jessa’s lives with their husbands

When 19 Kids and Counting went off the air, TLC revamped the show and brought it back in a new way. The show was called Jill and Jessa: Counting On, and it focused mainly on the sisters’ new lives with their husbands and starting families of their own. Jill and Jessa were very close on the show, but in 2017, Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard, made harsh comments about other TLC stars, which resulted in fans calling for him to be removed from Counting On. The couple no longer films, but it remains unclear whether TLC fired the family or Derick chose to remove his family from the show.

Several other Duggars have married and had kids since ‘Counting On’ started

Since Counting On premiered, many of the Duggars have grown up and started families. Jinger, Joy, Josiah, Joseph, and John David have all gotten married and either already have children or have kids on the way. Filming has expanded to include all of the Duggar kids and their families, as well as the younger Duggars who aren’t yet married. With that, some of the Duggars have started to carve their own paths separate from their families. There have been rumors that Jill’s relationship with her family has been strained, and since she isn’t on the show anymore, her married life isn’t filmed.

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Fans think Jessa and Joy have become closer than ever

As the Duggars have grown older, they’ve branched out a bit from their families, and some have grown closer than others. Jill doesn’t seem to spend as much time with Jessa as she once did, and Jinger is now living in California, so she doesn’t get to spend as much time with her siblings as she used to. According to one Reddit thread, fans think Jessa and Joy Duggar have, surprisingly, started to grow closer than ever. They think the sisters’ similar life situations (both married with children and living in close proximity to their parents) is the reason for their recent closeness.

“Joy used to be incredibly close with Jill because Jill was their buddy group leader. Clearly Jill isn’t as close with the family anymore, so Jessa is probably who she can relate to and hang out with now,” one user wrote. “[Joy and Jessa] are also in the same season of life, so they have [stuff] to talk about,” someone else commented. “Jessa and Joy were not who I would have guessed would get ditched by their respective favorite siblings, but that’s kinda what happened!” another person added, suggesting that Jill and Jinger don’t spend much time with their sisters anymore.

Though it comes as a surprise to some, it makes sense whyJoy and Jessa would be closer than ever. As one user pointed out, they’re goingthrough the same things in life with marriage and pregnancy. They still liveclose to each other and have plenty of opportunity to hang out, so it isn’t toocrazy that they’ve become closer than the rest.

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