'Counting On': Jessa Duggar Explained How She Keeps the Romance Alive With Ben Seewald

We’re already learning a lot about intricacies of the Duggars’ lives this season of Counting On. While we’ve heard from Jinger, Jana, and now some of the younger kids who are growing into adulthood, like Jedidiah and Jeremiah, Jessa Duggar is still a fan favorite. Duggar followers adore her relationship with Ben Seewald, and they love hearing about her life on the show since she seldom posts to Instagram anymore.

Recently, she spoke to the cameras about how busy her life has become taking care of Spurgeon and Henry (Ivy wasn’t yet born), but she still makes time to spend one-on-one with Ben. Here’s what she said about making time for each other.

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are busy caring for 3 children

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The Duggars are known for having plenty of kids (we can’t forget that Jessa has 18 siblings), so it’s no surprise that Jim Bob and Michelle’s children also want big families. Jessa and Ben have talked about their desire for kids in the past, and they welcomed their third child, a little girl, into the world just five months ago. The parents are over the moon with excitement, as Ivy is their first daughter after having two sons.

It seems time is flying by for Jessa and Ben, too. Back in August, Jessa posted this sweet photo of Ivy with the caption, “Nearly 16lbs, and positively the sweetest disposition I’ve ever know in a baby. She’ll be 3 months old next week. Where on earth has the time gone? How has 1/4 a year already passed?” And since then, the Duggars noted on their family Instagram account that Jessa has been extremely busy, which is why we rarely see updates on her social media.

They explained on ‘Counting On’ that they never get any sleep

Jessa and Ben love being parents, but sacrifices must be made. The producers of Counting On asked Jessa and Ben during a recent episode, “What sort of things do you feel you have to give up as a parent?” And to that, Jessa quickly responded with, “Sleep.” Jim Bob and Michelle also chimed in and said despite thinking they’d eventually get more sleep once their kids grew up, there was always some aspect of parenthood keeping them awake, too.

“The whole routine, the bedtime stories, the teeth brushing, the pajamas, and then like, an hour and a half later, if I haven’t fallen asleep …,” Ben trailed off. Jessa added, “He’ll fall asleep in Henry’s bed sometimes.” And Ben then added that at the end of the night, Jessa’s usually already asleep as well from a long day of caring for the kids.

Jessa says she has to make time for date nights no matter what

They may be tired now that Ivy has entered the world, but Jessa reassured Counting On viewers that she and Ben make time for themselves when necessary. When a producer asked the couple if their hectic schedule killed their romance at all, Jessa laughed and said, “You just gotta, like, make time at other times to spend with each other. I feel like when the boys are being babysat, we’ll go out and have a date, and that’s more, like, allotted us time. But, you just gotta make it happen. You gotta work it in.”

Jessa just posted about her five-year wedding anniversary to Ben on Instagram, too. The couple went on a date and ended up bringing baby Ivy along with them while Spurgeon and Henry spent time with Michelle. While it may not be the ideal anniversary situation for everyone, it’s clear Ben and Jessa are making it work and including their kids in on their one-on-one time when possible.

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