Daisy to fall in love with Ryan in 'chaotic' Corrie storyline

Things are about to get intense and confusing for Daisy Midgeley and Ryan Connor in an upcoming Coronation Street storyline, as the pair navigate the landscape following the recent acid attack together.

Daisy is currently engaged to Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard), but Corrie stars Charlotte Jordan and Ryan Prescott have revealed that everything will be thrown in the air when their characters get close.

‘It’s going to be a really confusing time for Daisy,’ Charlotte told Metro.co.uk when we caught up with her for an interview.

‘She’s brushed her own recovery under the rug and is really focusing on Ryan.

‘She feels responsible for him so her feelings are going to get really messy and she’s going to get confused it’s going to get quite chaotic. Then the story may morph into a “can you love two people at once?” storyline.’

Taking up the discussion from here, Ryan mused: ‘There are different ways it can go but it does get very complicated. There’s this thing that happens when you endure extreme trauma with someone, it kind of bonds you together.

‘So there is potential between Ryan and Daisy for sparks to happen and things to occur.

Obviously she’s with Daniel and that’s why there’s so much complication but there is potential in the future for complications there, 100%.’

On screen now, fans have seen Daisy pretend to be Ryan’s love interest Crystal via messages, with him not knowing that she has actually gone from his life.

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Charlotte utterly condemns her character’s ‘terrible actions’, but adds that it doesn’t come from a place of nastiness.

‘This is very much a case of it’s the wrong thing to do but it’s for the right reasons,’ the actress sighed. ‘It’s coming from a really good place.’

‘She’s been the root cause of so much pain in Ryan’s life and she feels so responsible for him that she just doesn’t want to be the bearer of more bad news.

‘It’s not the right thing to do, obviously. She’s literally catfishing him, which is terrible, but I understand the motivation behind it because it does come from a good place.’

The journey for Ryan himself is one that will be undoubtedly arduous, with Coronation Street promising longevity – Ryan tells us that for as long that he is in the show, Ryan will be physically and mentally scarred.

‘There’s a long road for Ryan to go down regardless when it comes to recovery whether that’s on a psychological level or a physical level,’ he revealed.

‘There’s more stages of recovery he needs to go through on a physical level and that takes him to different realisations and levels of acceptance and denial within that process of the recovery.

‘It’s little things like he’ll get a new lease of confidence and then he’ll go out and something will occur that’ll shut him down – they wanted to show some kind of reality within the longevity of how it is to come back into society when not only have you been through something so traumatic but you look different.

‘Your first means of communication with the outside world, whether it be your relationships on an internal level or whether it be society in general, everything changes.

‘We wanted to have those elements in play all the time and Ryan has these ups and downs as it moves forward.’

The acid attack storyline has captured a lot of attention and discussion from viewers, with both actors glad to see it has hit the right note, despite being an extremely difficult topic.

‘I’ve had so many people write to me and I’ve had so many people send me messages online and on social media platforms just expressing how they felt and how they feel for Ryan,’ actor Ryan shared.

‘There’s so much empathy out there and people relating to the storyline whether they’ve been through an acid attack, severe trauma or extreme violence of some nature, whether they relate to it or not, I’ve had so much back that’s positive.

‘People are really happy that we’re going there, people are happy that we’re telling the story in this way.

‘It’s a storyline that we approached in such a respectful, sensitive manner because of the sensitivity around it.

‘We just wanted to get it right but we wanted it to be shocking because that level of extreme violence is, and the whole traumatic idea of it is that it leaves you in shock somewhat.

‘You want to bring as much reality as you can into that storyline without pushing people over the edge a little bit.’

Charlotte added: ‘It’s really flattering. ‘It confirms all the hard work that goes into it – not just me but everyone who writes it, who researches it, who works on the show.

‘It’s really lovely for everybody because it’s a team effort here at Corrie.

‘When you’re doing issue-based storylines and they’re based on real life events there is always a bit of “ok, we need to get the tone of this right and to represent it correctly.”

‘I don’t think acting-wise you can put too much pressure on yourself. You have to just do the best you can and do your homework and just go with it on the floor.’

The storyline has been nominated for prizes in the British Soap Awards and both Charlotte and Daisy are delighted for the recognition, but maintain that it’s the icing on a cake when the most important outcome is the afore-mentioned conversations.

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Ryan told us: ‘The nomination is like an additional little lovely flattering bonus, but the response we’ve had from people about the storyline has been so positive, so mega, it’s been overwhelming.’

On the nominations, Daisy agreed, adding: ‘It’s very flattering to get any sort of attention like that. It’s surprising. It’s nice.’

You can vote in the British Soap Awards here. Voting suspends at 5pm on Tuesday April 25 before re-opening own the line when a shortlist is confirmed.

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