Dancing on Ice’s John Barrowman took a swipe at Caprice before she left show

Caprice Bourret has announced she has left Dancing on Ice today, claiming her "mental health has been affected".

The 48-year-old star's spokesperson said that the star has had a "hard few months" but has "had to keep silent for contractual reasons".

The comments came after Caprice parted ways with skating pro-partner Hamish Gaman part-way through the show.

And Caprice has been dealth another blow as new judge John Barrowman dug the knife in just days before her departure.

Speaking at the National Television Awards this week, the Doctor Who star said Caprice needed to "up her game" with new partner Oscar Peter after she landed in the skate-off last weekend.

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He told Heart: "I think she was good with her new partner, but I think she went backwards a little bit with some of her skating moves and she needs to up her game now. "

Barrowman, 52, also said there would be no more saving graces for Caprice, now that she had settled with her new partner.

He added: "So that week off where she was settling the divorce, it's all settled now and we can all move on."

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Following a turbulent week, Caprice took to the ice last Sunday with a new pro partner Oscar Peter.

The split from Hamish saw claims surface that he had "bullied" the 48-year-old, although officials for the show have denied these claims.

An ITV spokesperson told the Mail Online: "We take allegations of bullying very seriously but found no evidence on Dancing On Ice and we strongly refute any suggestion to the contrary.

"We're very proud of the team, both on and off screen.

They produce a fantastic show and we are committed to ensuring that everyone who works on the programme is fully supported."

Dancing on Ice continues tonight on ITV at 6pm

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