Daniel says a devastating goodbye to Sinead in Corrie funeral drama

This is the heartbreaking moment which sees Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) say a final and painful farewell to his late wife Sinead (Katie McGlynn) in tearful Coronation Street scenes. It has been established that Daniel will try and avoid Sinead’s funeral as he makes a getaway to Scotland with Bertie but Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) tracks him down and manages to persuade him back to Weatherfield.

Cast were filming the funeral a while ago for episodes which will screen next month and Sinead can be seen being laid to rest in a wicker coffin, surrounded by those she loved. Daniel then finds some moments alone at her graveside and breaks down in tears.

He will struggle to cope without her, finding it difficult to get ahead around life without her. Bertie is his focus now but as he sits by the grave, he admits to Sinead how much he misses her and how hard it is without her.

Viewers were broken hearted by recent episodes which saw Sinead deteriorate and lose her battle with cancer. Daniel held her close as they talked about a future which could have been. As Sinead’s death was confirmed to her family, Daniel was left reeling and turned his attention to looking after Bertie.

The funeral episodes look set to be equally as devastating to watch – but as the goodbye becomes final, will Daniel be able to cope without her?

After the airing of the death episodes, Katie spoke out on social media to thank fans for all of their supportive and positive feedback with regards to the storyline.

She said: ‘To every single person that is, or has been affected by cancer, stay strong! Seek comfort in family, friends and loved ones. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and don’t be afraid to feel however it is you feel! My heart is with you all, be brave and fight.

‘I’m so overwhelmed. Your comments, messages, the love – it’s incredible. I’m still trying to get through them all now! We were trending at #1 tonight – if that doesn’t help shine a light on Cervical Cancer, I don’t know what will!’ (sic)

It was recently confirmed that cervical cancer screenings have increased in doctors’ surgeries since the storyline on Coronation Street.

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