Danielle Busby From 'OutDaughtered' and Audrey Roloff From 'LPBW' Are Featured in Each Other's Instagram Stories

There are plenty of incredible shows on TLC for fans to enjoy, and there’s no doubt we all love the Busbys from OutDaughtered. While Adam and Danielle are relative newcomers to the network, fans adore watching them parent their six daughters, five of whom are quintuplets. And it looks like Adam and Danielle have made some connections within the network to other TLC stars, too. Not only have we seen them communicate with the Duggars, but they seem to be getting close with Jeremy and Audrey Roloff from Little People, Big World.

Currently, Audrey is featuring Danielle on her Instagram Story, and Danielle just did the same for Audrey. Here’s what they’re posting.

The Roloffs and the Busbys have a lot in common

There appears to be a lot of evidence to suggest that the Roloffs and the Busbys are friendly with each other. And considering all of their commonalities, it makes sense. Not only are the two families featured on TLC and go to events together to promote their shows, but they’re both deeply religious. And out of all the Roloffs, it’s Jeremy and Audrey who express their religious beliefs the most online.

Jeremy and Audrey left LPBW to pursue their own businesses, one of which is Beating 50 Percent, a blog detailing how couples can enhance their relationships through a deeper relationship with Christ. The couple explains on the blog that they live a life dedicated to God and doesn’t give in to “our culture’s obsession with lust over love, and sex over intimacy.” Since then, they’ve also written a book about their relationship titled A Love Letter Life.

Danielle Busby is also quite open about her religious beliefs. On her blog, It’s a Buzz World, she’s written multiple times about her relationship with God, and she also believes that it was God’s will for her and Adam to have quintuplets.

Audrey Roloff and Danielle Busby are featured in each other’s Instagram Stories

It looks like Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are hanging out with the Busbys (or at least Danielle) at an event in California. The Roloffs live in Oklahoma, but Audrey recently mentioned on her Instagram Story that she was on a group trip of some kind near Los Angeles. “We’re here on the roof of our AirBNB, we’re actually on Huntington Beach for the next couple days for our little work mastermind group trip,” Audrey said with Jeremy beside her. And she also added a few photos of her at a conference with the caption, “Learning all the entrepreneur things.”

After that, Audrey tagged Danielle in a group photo with her and two other women on the beach. “Sunset beach walk with the gang,” Audrey captioned the video in her Story that also captures a glimpse of Danielle.

Danielle didn’t add too much to her own Instagram Story, but she did add a group photo that featured Audrey, too.

Caryn Chandler from ‘LPBW’ reached out to the Busbys recently

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Busbys and the Roloffs in the same place, either. We can’t forget that the two families bumped into each other in Hawaii back in May, and Matt Roloff posted a photo to Instagram. And even more recently, Caryn Chandler, Matt’s girlfriend, reached out to the Busbys to invite them down to Roloff Farms for pumpkin season.

It all started with Adam posting this photo to the ‘gram with the caption, “Gonna miss these girls. Getting ready to head to LA for a couple weeks for some business and the @vidsummit.” After that, Chandler commented, “You guys should swing thru Portland on ur way home and visit us at the Farm !?!?!”

Fans would absolutely love a crossover episode from either show. And considering LPBW is currently filming, if the Busbys stopped by the farm, they’d have a chance of a cameo. For now, it looks like we’ll just have to keep an eye out for any clue that they’ll appear in each other’s shows!

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