Danny Dyer vows to 'kill Putin' and explains how we would do it in explosive ran

EastEnders star Danny Dyer passionately shared his feelings on Russian leader Vladimir Putin during an explosive podcast rant on Tuesday. 

The 45-year-old actor became a household name following his long stint on the popular BBC soap opera where he played Mick Carter from 2013 until his exit in 2022. 

An emotive speaker at the best of times, the soap star revealed what he thought about the president and explained why he wanted to ‘kill Putin’. 

‘I would like to die a f***king hero, I’ll kill Putin,’ the celebrated TV star began ranting on a recent podcast episode.

He continued telling the host of When There’s A Will There’s A Wake, Kathy Burke: ‘So my last act is Putin f***king doing one of his little marches, he’s walking through all these f***king troops and all that bollocks. 

‘I’ll f***king run out of the crowd with a f***king pillowcase, put it over his nut and just suffocate him. 

‘Then, as I do it, I’ll get shot in a nut by all these snipers. So, basically, I’ve saved the f***king world. The planet.’

Danny held nothing back as he moved on to share with the comedian why he wanted to take action towards the Russian president.

He explained: ‘I think that’s the move because no-one’s going to iron him out and he needs to go don’t he, this geezer? 

‘He’s off his f***king head. Does worry me talking about Putin, you never know if he’s f***king listening (…) So I think a lot of choking, live on the telly and then boom, I get it ironed out.’ 

Elsewhere in the conversation, the star opened up about another time his comments hit headlines following a debate about David Cameron and his leadership.

He revealed: ‘I only went on there to talk about Dani [his daughter who found fame on Love Island] because Piers Morgan was f***king digging her out saying she was thick and all that. I thought, f***k that, that’s my kid.

‘So, I went on there talking about it and all of a sudden, I find myself on a panel with f***king Jeremy Corbyn and f***king Pamela Anderson. 

‘What I thought was, no one knows what the f*** is going, what the f***k is Brexit for one? No c*nt can f***king tell me. 

‘So that I was confused about, and then f***king Cameron, this f***king c*nt of a geezer who was running our country, got elected by people, who was meant to be a f***king leader; all of a sudden it don’t go his way, he goes “I’ll see you later, mind how you go”.’

When There’s A Will There’s A Wake is available to listen to on all podcast platforms.

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