David Harbour Just Paid Girlfriend Lily Allen a TMI Compliment

It’s no secret that Stranger Things star David Harbour is a silly guy. He’s constantly cracking jokes with fans on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, professing his bromance love for his costar Joe Keery, and he once even officiated the wedding of two fans while wearing his sheriff costume.

The 44-year-old star has been publicly dating Lily Allen since sometime in August. In a recent interview with People for their “Sexiest Man” issue, Harbour paid Allen a bewitching compliment, enough to set any girl’s heart a-flutter.

How did David Harbour and Lily Allen meet?

The 34-year-old British singer was first spotted with Harbour in August when they were catching a show in London’s West End. They were confirmed to be dating after being photographed kissing in New York City in October.

Since then, both have tagged each other in posts on Instagram, documenting the amount of time they have been seeing each other despite their geographical separations.

Allen had previously dated MC Meridian Dan for three years and the two went separate ways in January. She has two children with her ex-husband Sam Cooper, whom she divorced in 2016.

Harbour has most recently been linked to actress Alison Sudol, known for starring in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. They apparently split up sometime in July, but remain on good terms.

Harbour and Allen have been seen a lot over the past few months, attending a Halloween party together, attending charity events, and walking the red carpet hand-in-hand.

David Harbour has a lot to say about Lily Allen’s best traits

Harbour was recently named as one of the Men of the Year in People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue. In a related interview, he made it clear that he and Allen regularly shower one another with compliments, as you should do in any relationship.

He said that she once told him he was “so gorgeous it was an outrage.” We can’t help but agree, Lily Allen.

He went on to say that he feels much the same way about a couple of Allen’s best features. He told People: “I really only look at my girlfriend’s eyes, until she’s turned away from me and I stare at her stunningly beautiful butt.”

It’s clear that he certainly has a way with words. He also said that the thing he finds most attractive in a partner is a healthy appetite.

What’s next for David Harbour and Lily Allen?

In addition to being named one of People’s Men of the Year, Harbour has been staying busy. When he was first spotted with Allen in August, he was in London filming for his role in Black Widow.

In October, he hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time. He said on Instagram that it was one of the pinnacles of his career. Allen was spotted accompanying him at the after-party afterward.

We don’t know yet if Harbour will be joining in on the filming for season four of Stranger Things — the season three finale left his character’s fate in question. Time will tell if he’ll be busy with that or not, but fans have theories as to how he could come back.

Allen released her last album No Shame in 2018. She has recently been active on Instagram about getting people to register to vote. A vocal supporter of the U.K.’s Labour Party, Allen has never been known to shy away from sharing her political opinions and social media hasn’t changed that, giving her a larger platform to share her views with fans. She also regularly shares photos of her two daughters, Ethel Mary and Marnie Rose.

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