Deal or No Deal fans rush to complain over banker as they fume absolute joke

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    Deal or No Deal fans were left frustrated during the latest episode as they complained that the Banker's offers were far too low.

    ITV's nail-biting game show – which sees players open a series of boxes which has either high cash amounts or low ones- was back for another instalment on Tuesday (December 5) with presenter Stephen Mulhern at the helm. And things were looking promising for contestant Simon who finally got his chance to play the game.

    But although things got off to a good start for Simon, things took a turbulent turn for the player when he opened a few too many red boxes with higher offers than blue ones. With things looking rocky, fans turned their attentions to the banker who appeared to only be giving Simon low offers too.

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    Sharing their grievances with the banker online, fans headed over to X formerly known as Twitter. One viewer said: "Am I the only one who thinks the banker's offers are way too low."

    Another penned: "The banker is as tight as the space shuttle door." A third fumed: "These offers are an absolute joke."

    Another fan begged Simon not to take the banker's offer of £5,050 and said: "Don’t deal for 5k Christ they used to offer 10k loads on the old show, this one's a joke!"

    Meanwhile, another viewer made a comparison to the old Channel 4 version hosted by Noel Edmonds. They said: "I swear #DealOrNoDeal is trying to not give away money like they did in Noel's version… They always seem to pick the people they know have small amounts to play and most of the banker's offers Noel would've laughed off if he was offering those then."

    Train driver Simon, who was also a Manchester United supporter, was confident that his box had a high offer inside. Confident in his approach to the game, Simon also revealed that his mum visited a psychic who told her that her son would win big money on the show.

    But although Simon had a few lucky rounds, things were not looking good when the high offers were being taken out of the game one by one. Still confident that his box was a high red value number, Simon decided to play on and refused the banker's last offer which was around the £800 mark.

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    With only 10p or £2,000 left to play for, Simon still decided to stick with what he had. But unfortunately it wasn't to be as Simon only had 10p in his box.

    Heading over to X once again fans shared their thoughts on Simon's luckless game. One viewer wrote: "Should of dealt at the 5 thousand offer that’s enough for a family holiday where was he wanting to go."

    And another wrote: "Should have taken the £5.6K. There wasn’t much difference between that and the potential £10K."

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