Dr Who fans panic as GMB claims he has quit over Dominic Cummings lockdown row

DR Who fans panicked today when Good Morning Britain claimed the Doctor was quitting because of Dominic Cummings.

A news ticker at the bottom of the screen on Friday's show claimed "Dr Who quit over Cummings" during an interview with Dr Dominic Pimenta.

Dr Pimenta quit his job in May in protest of the Prime Minister's chief advisor flouting coronavirus lockdown rules.

Boris Johnson cleared his most senior adviser of any wrongdoing and branded his actions "sensible and defensible" after Cummings drove hisvirus-stricken wife from London to self-isolate at his family farm near Durham.

But Dr Pimenta was outraged that the PM had defended Cummings after Brits had "sacrificed so much" to fight the deadly bug.

He has since written a book called Duty of Care about the pandemic where explained his decision to leave his job came from the government's "unwillingness to apologise".

But Whovians panicked when they read the onscreen caption, which was capitalised as supposed to be read as, 'the Dr who quit over Cummings'.

One Twitter user wrote: "I thought Dr Who specialised in time."

Another added: "No! We need the Time Lord now more than ever!"

And a third said: "Looks like regeneration has happened already then."

Dr Pimenta's book looks at the pressures the NHS has faced during the coronavirus pandemic and will donate the entire proceeds to the HEROES charity.

The charity was created by NHS workers for NHS workers to keep them healthy during the Covid pandemic.

But Dr Who fans can rest assured the iconic BBC franchise is still alive and strong.

The BBC this week posted a new trailer to promote the upcoming spin-off Time Lord Victorious, which will take multiple formats, including video, comics and even interactive real world events.

The new footage sees a lone, damaged Dalek drifting through space, vowing to warn the universe about a dastardly threat – one that will no doubt leave fans of the sci-fi hit reeling.

“I will repair… because I must warn the universe about the Doctor!” the alien screeches.

Considering The Doctor is known for advocating pacifism, this raises a lot of questions.

Has everyone's favorite Time Lord descended into bloodlust, or are they being manipulated in some way?

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