Eamonn Holmes teases GB News co-stars weird admission

Eamonn Holmes jokes about homework with Isabel Webster

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The GB News hosts were discussing whether receiving homework as a child was beneficial for their learning and how artificial intelligence would soon be taking over the joy of homework. Isabel made an admission that she used to enjoy receiving homework at school, which left Eamonn Holmes stunned.

Kicking off their show on Thursday morning, Eamonn began: “The only person I have met that says homework was a good thing or that they actually looked forward to homework.”

“That’s the actual quote ‘I used to love homework’ is you!” he exclaimed pointing to Isabel.

She laughed at his shock and expressed: “No stop, I just radiate joy when you say that! I feel genuine pride!

“Do you know why? Because I was learning for learning’s sake, I wasn’t just doing it because I had homework, I was interested in what I was doing!”

Not impressed with her reasoning, Eamonn informed: “See I always saw it as a punishment!” to which Isabel replied: “I think maybe that was in the house that you were raised in.

“It wasn’t sort of, your family didn’t make you feel like it was a good thing to do, it was made to be a punishment. Whereas I was made to feel like ‘Oh how interesting, how exciting’.”

Recalling his memories, Eamonn continued: “That had nothing to do with it, I just felt like the teachers would go ‘What! Two blooming homework on that tonight’.”

Isabel also expressed that she was always eager to find out what she could come up with and use her imagination.

Eamonn teased: “Look. What I wanted to come up with is Charlie’s Angels or The Sweeney or Star Trek or whatever was on TV that night.

“So hurrah, AI may put an end to homework!”

Later, the pair spoke to headteacher Katherine Birbalsingh who agreed with Isbael and sent Eamonn into a spiral.

Isabel asked: “Back me up Katherine, homework. You liked it didn’t you?” to which Katherine agreed: “Yes! I mean I still like it, every day we set it here!”

“Yes! There we go, someone else on the planet likes homework,” Isabel exclaimed to which Eamonn hit back: “How weird are you!”

Eamonn and Isabel later read through some opinions of the general public, in which many were divided on the opinion on homework.

Eamonn read: “Ian says, ‘Homework is usually completely unmarked, it upsets children that can’t do it, it upsets them and wastes lovely family time and puts pressure on parents and children’.

“Simone says, ‘It’s ridiculous, the only aspect I respect is reading, reading too and with your children’. I never didn’t read to my children when they went to bed.”

Isabel jumped in and read from her side of the argument: “Annette says and she agrees with me, ‘As a retired primary school teacher, my pupils did homework during my 38 years of teaching.

“It helped pupils to enforce learning and self-discipline. Reading and spelling need to be enforced at home during primary school years.”

Eamonn joked: “Between nine o’clock in the morning and four o’clock in the afternoon I am all done with learning.”

Breakfast with Eamonn and Isabel airs weekdays from 6am on GB News.

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