EastEnders fans predict Mick’s the real dad of Linda’s baby after pregnancy news

EastEnders character Mick Carter (played by Danny Dyer) was given the shock of his life when Linda (Kellie Bright) revealed she was pregnant with Max Branning’s baby during tonight’s episode of the BBC soap.

The pub landlord’s hopes were crushed when he first discovered Linda was having a baby, as he initially thought it was his.

Upon finding out her scan dates, Mick was dumbfounded, but fans have predicted a huge paternity twist could happen later down the line.

How Mick will react to the news is anyone’s guess, but he’ll be devastated that just as he and Linda have gotten back together Max has managed to ruin things from afar.

Linda began by saying: “I only ever tried to be a good mum. Put my kids first. Look where it’s got me. Maybe next time I’ll get it right eh?”

As the penny dropped, Mick asked tentatively: “What do you mean next time? What a baby?”

“I had a scan at that hospital,” Linda answered gravely, as viewers watched heartbreaking scenes with Mick getting the wrong end of the stick.

“This is what we need, this is like a fresh start for us!” he exclaimed. “Have another little Carter, Ollie will have a little mate.”

"I’m five months pregnant Mick,” Linda corrected him. “It’s not yours.”

Fans were equally shocked and gutted for Mick at the unexpected twist at the end of tonight’s episode, but many think there could be more twists ahead.

One posted: "Makes 0 sense for the baby to be Max’s considering he’s not in it anymore and won’t be back any time soon, bet they find a way to make it Mick’s."

Another added: "hold on, hold on, hold on, the baby could still be micks because max and linda didn’t sleep together until the 18th of december which means it isn’t officially 5 months yet, SO, if milinda slept together between new years and the 4th of jan, it could still be micks."

A third exclaimed: “WHAT??? Linda pregnant by Max?? Did not see that coming #EastEnders.”

A fourth said: "I’m sorry but Linda is expecting Max baby in #EastEnders please let it turn out to be Mick’s in the end."

While a fourth simply wrote: “Can’t believe Linda is having Max’s baby #eastenders,” followed by: “Ffs #EastEnders why get #Linda & #Mick back together just to have her get pregnant with #Max baby Couldn’t they think of a different maternity leave storyline for Kellie @bbceastenders.”

Others were concerned whether Mick would be able to cope with raising another man’s child, and how he will react to the news.

“I wonder if Mick will be able to bring up Max's baby? #EastEnders,” one person asked, as another worried: “Ahhh poor mick. #EastEnders.”

Max Branning isn’t even on the square any more and he’s still wreaking havoc on the place #eastenders,” a third added, in complete disbelief that Max has left the Square and potentially left such a legacy.

EastEnders continues Thursday at 8pm on BBC One.

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