EastEnders Gray aftermath, Corrie baby twist and 23 more soap spoilers

If you thought this week was unmissable in the land of soap, just wait until you see what your favourite serial dramas are cooking up next week.

EastEnders, for one, remains as unmissable as ever, as the fallout of Gray Atkins’ actions continue to send shockwaves through the Square.

Will the residents of Walford ever be able to come to terms with what has transpired?

Over in Coronation Street, Abi Franklin is left stunned by the sudden return of Kevin Webster, while Emmerdale’s Meena Jutla is up to no good once more as her day in court arrives.

Hollyoaks, meanwhile, sees Sam Chen-Williams issue nephew Ethan Williams with a warning, and Gemma Atkinson makes her long-awaited return to the soap.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg!

If you fancy a more in-depth look at what’s coming up then check out our jam-packed guide below.

Coronation Street

1. Abi assures the social worker that she has enrolled in rehab and will do whatever it takes to keep her baby.

2. Toyah attempts to be discreet in getting advice from Imran about her ‘ex-client’, explaining that she’s a drug addict who has recently had a baby. Imran, however, puts two and two together, and subsequently tracks Abi down at the hospital, demanding to know if he’s the father of her baby!

3. Abi waits for news about her baby, but she’s left stunned to see Kevin in the hospital corridor. Kevin, emotional, takes her in his arms as she breaks down.

4. Adam is fed up of being public enemy number one, despite having done nothing wrong. When he spots Lydia at the factory, he wastes little time in storming over, before telling her he’ll prove what a liar she is – even if it’s the last thing he does!

5. Amy arranges lunch with Steve and Tracy, but she’s got ulterior motives, as she rocks up to the meal with Jacob in tow! Steve and Tracy’s jaws hit the floor. Tracy threatens to storm off but Steve points out that Amy is 18 now and thus she can see who she wants. Leanne, however, doesn’t see it that way, and she reiterates how Jacob almost destroyed her family. With the meal over, Amy and Jacob admit they’re in love!

6. Michael is delighted when Grace turns up for Glory’s birthday. Ed and Aggie, however, are not pleased. What is Grace after?

7. Having taken Jenny’s advice to rein in her jealousy, Daisy tells Daniel that if he wants to help Nicky prepare for her interview then it’s fine with her. Daniel ultimately meets with Nicky and gives her some interview tips.


8. Recent events are on everyone’s mind as the residents struggle to process what transpired with Gray.

9. Karen and Mitch reel from the truth about Gray, leaving Keegan to do his best to support his family. Things are tense in the Taylor household, and Keegan and Karen get into a huge argument over what’s happened, resulting in Keegan storming off.

10. Kat and Stacey discuss the events of the previous week, but they soon learn more devastating news.

11. With the weight of everything that’s happened weighing heavy on him, Janine takes Mick away from the Square in order to give him some time to reflect.

12. Tommy tries to think of a solution to get Kat off his back about the stolen money and considers Billy’s cash box, but he notices the bullies trying to steal from it already. Tommy confronts them and a scuffle ensues leaving Billy with the wrong end of the stick, as he accuses Tommy of stealing it!

13. Kat refuses to accept the package for Phil but when she visits Phil in prison he pleads with her to take it, explaining that this is about his safety inside.

14. Realising he could be in serious trouble over his recent actions, Keegan struggles to hold things together. But he soon receives a big shock, as Tiffany returns. Will she be able to get through to Keegan? 


15. Meena’s plea hearing arrives, and the killer is upset by the turn-out. Nonetheless, she does her best to unsettle those in attendance, and in a surprise twist, she pleads guilty to the first of her many charges. But just what is she up to?

16. Manpreet suffers a panic attack as she becomes overwhelmed at the thought of testifying. In a state of distress, she sets off in her car, but things take a turn as she abandons both her vehicle, leaves her phone behind and disappears into the night.

17. Billy wants to adopt Lucas, and Dawn is delighted. That is, until she broaches the idea with Alex. Alex demands that she deal drugs for him in order to pay off his debts – only then will he consent to the adoption. Dawn is unsure of what to do, and thus she tries to steal from Home Farm! Kim, however, catches her red-handed.

18. With the walls closing in around her, Dawn makes one final call before accompanying Alex. Dawn, trapped, realises that her task may be more dangerous than she originally thought, as she comes face-to-face with Alex’s dealer. And things take a shocking turn when the trio are interrupted by a police car – and Dawn is guided into the back of it!

19. Rhona kicks herself when she realises that she has unknowingly convinced mum Mary to stay in the village. Marlon, meanwhile, is determined to propose to Rhona soon. As they prepare for Marlon’s surprise party at Smithy, Rhona and Mary experience a rare moment of tenderness as they bond over their shared secret.

20. Noah plans to use Amelia to make Chloe jealous, and he even enlists disapproving Samson to keep Cathy busy while he does so. When the truth about what he’s up to comes out, Amelia is heartbroken.


21. Zara decides to run for council against Tony, and the two go head-to-head in a public debate. But as proceedings gets underway, Zara’s chances of victory may well be scuppered, as Lisa shows up – and she brings with her secrets aplenty about their time in Thailand together!

22. Joel issues his dad with more warnings, but his efforts prove fruitless, as Warren throws himself into fitness! Joel’s attention is soon elsewhere, however, as he offers a kind gesture to the families and friends of loved ones lost. Afterwards, he opens up to Cleo, and one thing leads to another!

23. Sam confronts Ethan, who is noticeably sporting a black eye, and warns him against getting into any more trouble. But if we’ve learned anything about Ethan, it’s that he’s not exactly good at following advice, so will he do as he’s told?

24. Mercedes is upset after Bobby fails his progress test. Sam shows up to advertise his boxercise class, but Bobby is less than pleased to see his mum flirting and thus he makes a shocking accusation.

25. Martine gets a package that leaves her on edge, but as emotions run high, will she say some things that she could live to regret?

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