EastEnders: Has Dot left EastEnders? Is June Brown leaving?

In last night’s (Tuesday, January 21) EastEnders episode, Sonia Fowler (played by Natalie Cassidy) was about to confess to her grandmother she stole the £10,000 from her bank account and not ex-Martin Fowler (James Blye) who took the blame. However, when she entered Dot’s (June Brown) room to admit the truth, she wasn’t there as she had already left for her trip to Ireland. But is actress Brown leaving EastEnders?

Nurse Sonia stole Dot’s money after patient George Watson (Jack Bennett), who was injured in a hit and run accident involving Martin, blackmailed her into giving him the money or he would go to the police.

As she is still in love with Martin and thought they were going to get back together for good, she decided to take the money from her grandmother’s bank account.

Unfortunately, Martin admitted he was still in love with wife Stacey Fowler (Lacey Turner) and Dot found out the money was gone sooner than expected.


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To make up for him leading her on and to ensure he didn’t lose his “best friend”, Martin told Dot it was him who stole from her.

Reluctant to get the police involved as he was the son of lifelong friend Pauline Fowler (Wendy Richard), she told him he had to move out of the house.

Sonia feels incredibly guilty as he has nowhere to go apart from his grandfather’s shed in the allotment, so she prepares to tell her grandmother the truth.

However, Dot is nowhere to be seen and a pre-recorded message has been left for her.

In the message, Dot said: “Son, this is to tell you I’m off to Ireland to spend time with my lovely grandson, Joey. “Hopefully I can help with the new baby.

“I don’t know why, Sonia, that Martin should have took that money – but you’ll sort it out for me, won’t you? You find out and you let me know.

“Do remember, you’re only at the other end of a phone line so you can always get in touch.

“I shall miss you, and I shall always love you because I know you’ll love me. So, goodbye my dearest girl. Your loving grandma, Dot.”


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Is June Brown leaving EastEnders?

There has been no official confirmation from EastEnders June Brown is leaving the series.

The actress has also not mentioned anything about it being a permanent departure.

But the emotional message has got fans thinking this could lead to the end of Dot.

One Twitter user said: “Dot will probably die when she’s in Ireland visiting Charlie. Her goodbye sounded so final.”

A second commented: “I get nervous whenever Dot goes on one of her sabbaticals.”

While a third fan added: “I think dots departure tonight was very final hope this isn’t the end of her, she deserves so much more than that exit.”


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Last year was difficult for Mrs Branning as her dear friend and former resident of Albert Square Dr Harold Legg (Leonard Fenton) died.

She later found out he had left everything to her in his will and was now incredibly wealthy.

But while everyone else celebrated, Dot contemplated what had happened and her future.

She informed Sonia: “I’ve made up my mind. I’ve decided I’m going to go to Ireland and stay with my grandson Charlie and his family.”

The official EastEnders Twitter account added even more fuel to the fire tweeting: “It’s time for Dot to move on. And we couldn’t be sorrier to see her go.”

This sounded like a permanent exit at the time but has since called it just a visit to spend time with her family.

So is this the last time viewers will see Dot after three decades on EastEnders?

Eastenders continues tomorrow, Thursday, January 23, at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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