EastEnders' Karen Taylor will ‘die for answers’ after son Keanu shot says star Lorraine Stanley

EASTENDERS actress Lorraine Stanley has said that Karen Taylor will "die for answers" following son Keanu's disappearance.

The hunky mechanic was murdered by Martin Fowler on Christmas Day after Phil Mitchell found out that he is the father of wife Sharon's unborn baby.

However, his mum Karen was told that Keanu managed to get away before the Mitchells found him – and is desperately trying to track down her son.

Speaking about the explosive storyline, 43-year-old Lorraine shared: "When she doesn't hear from Keanu, her worry takes over.

"She wants answers and is convinced Phil has done something – she's gunning for him.

"She wants answers and she's prepared to die for it."

Lorraine went on to tease that Karen wouldn't think twice when it came to protecting her son, explaining: "I don't think there's anything she wouldn't do to protect any of her children.

"Karen's family is her world, and if they need protecting, the lioness in Karen comes out and she's not afraid of anyone or anything."

The star added to Digital Spy: "Karen also has no idea where Keanu is. She thinks he's gone as far away from Phil and Walford as possible, as it's not safe for him.

"She knows Keanu's still in danger, so she's fearing for her son's life. She's petrified that Phil is going to get to him."

Despite Martin telling the Mitchells that he had killed Keanu – even showing Ben video footage of the shooting – the character's death was not shown on screen, convincing fans that all is not as it seems.

Viewers have speculated that the character is still alive, and that Martin actually shot bad guy Tubbs in the clip.

Other theories suggest that Linda Carter was the one to help Keanu escape – or that she killed him.

On New Year's Day, fans will be treated to a special flashback episode to show what really happened on 25th December, and it is guaranteed to be a corker.


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