Eastenders Kat distracts fans as she dons bold dress for Phil Mitchell wedding

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    EastEnders fans are up in arms over Kat Slater’s wedding dress as the soap icon finally married Phil Mitchell. Soap fans have been waiting for the highly anticipated scenes after the pair’s previous attempt to wed was bolstered by Kat’s ex, Alfie Moon.

    As the pair finally walked down the aisle, fans couldn’t help but comment on her bizarre choice of dress for the occasion, with many slamming the frock as “hideous” after the bride snubbed the idea of a white dress and opted for a multi-coloured gown instead. "EE wardrobe department – what WERE you thinking?!

    "That's an atrocious thing you've put on Kat! She's got far better taste than that – COME ON! And the corset! Omg why?! Looks like my back support…" wrote one horrified fan.

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    A second viewer also echoed a similar sentiment as they added: “Kat’s wedding dress is horrific” A third fan commented: “You know Kat and Phil aren't meant to be when THE Kat Slater is wearing THAT as a wedding dress.” While a fourth added: “I love how Kat has blatantly cut up one of Alfie's ugly shirts and turned it into a wedding dress.”

    One fan was even so offended by the design they cheekily made reference to the upcoming murder whodunnit, penning : “Whoever decided that should. Meanwhile another eagle eyed viewer couldn’t help but notice how Kat’s dress incorporated all the colours of the potential six murder suspects, in a possible clue about her role in the upcoming storyline.

    They added: “I know a load of people were criticising Kat's wedding dress, but strange how it incorporated (at least as far as wardrobe were able to do) the colours of #TheSix?”

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    Phil was in disbelief when Alfie revealed he couldn't make the wedding because he was having a prostatectomy. Seizing his opportunity, Phil agreed to keep Alfie's secret from Kat if he kept his. Kat panicked when Phil arrived late at the registry office without Alfie.

    She wondered if Kat and Phil would go through with the wedding. Kat refused to marry him unless he revealed Alfie's whereabouts. Phil kept quiet and questioned Kat about her feelings, but she insisted she loved Phil, and the pair finally said their vows in front of their family and friends.

    Elsewhere, all hell broke loose when Ian tried to convince Cindy to let Bobby move back home. Ian gave Cindy an ultimatum – she had to accept Bobby or their relationship would be over. Cindy agreed Bobby could move home, but it was clear she wasn't happy about it.

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