EastEnders viewers horrified by shocking domestic abuse scenes

EastEnders viewers have been left horrified by harrowing domestic abuse scenes.

While we’ve already seen Chantelle Atkins (Jessica Plummer) pleading for mercy at the hands of her husband Gray (Toby Alexander-Smith), their marriage took on a whole new meaning of toxic in tonight’s episode.

After taking part in a hairdressing competition, Chantelle was running late for a meal with her hubby, and he didn’t take to the situation too kindly.

On returning home, he raged at his wife before lashing out, and fans of the show could not cope with what they were seeing.

Taking to Twitter, they applauded the actors for their performance, despite being left in tears after watching the brutal attack.

‘Chantelle’s husband actually makes me feel psychically sick!!!! Such a sad story line, hope they get rid soon,’ one said while another added: ‘I feel so sorry for her on #EastEnders she needs to leave him.’

Someone else commented: ‘Gray makes me want to throw up/ throw stuff at the wall. Chantelle GET OUT . What a brilliant actress #EastEnders is finally back on top of its game.’

And it seems others were in agreement: ‘The Chantelle and gray scenes are breathtaking.’

The abuse was brought on when Chantelle arrived home late following a hairdressing competition.

‘I’m really sorry, the competition went on longer than I expected. The meal looks amazing,’ she apologised to Gray.

Not accepting her words, he asked where she’d been: ‘You know where I was Gray, I was at the community centre. Don’t be mad, we can still have a nice evening.’

In an attempt to flee to her mum’s house, Gray then snatched her back indoors and threw his wife to the ground.

Smashing her hairdressing certificate in her face, he spat: ‘You make me do this.’

As she was thrown against the stairs, Chantelle desperately cried out: ‘I’m pregnant.’

The episode then took a strange tone, as Gray hugged her close whispering: ‘This is exactly what we needed, you know that right? Thank you. Thank you.

‘I’m going to be a dad again, I’m going to be a dad.’

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