EastEnders viewers reckon theyve worked out whos helping Theo target Stacey after clue

One thing that Eastenders fans are good at is turning super sleuth and they've pulled a blinder with the most recent development into Stacey Slater's terror campaign at the hands of Theo Hawthorne.

Evil Theo, played by William Ellis, has been working against Stacey for months, harassing her, trashing her house, breaking in, sending flowers and now has even moved in next door but soap spoilers have teased fans saying that things will take a "shocking" turn next week.

Thanks to a sneaky clue thrown into an episode this week, fans now believe that not only is Theo working with someone to terrify Stacey, but that it's someone who used to live on the Square.

Fans watched as Stacey received a friend request on her mobile while chatting with Martin Fowler, played by James Bye, at his stall, from none other than Bradley Branning. Fans of the soap will know this is impossible though – Bradley tragically died when he fell off the roof of the Queen Vic in 2010.

Stacey's ex, Martin, then spotted Theo across the Square and chased after him, shouting and threatening him at his front door, but Theo remained undeterred claiming he'll call the police if Martin keeps harassing him.

But fans are determined to figure out who Theo's accompliance could be, with some speculating that it's none of than Ruby Allen, played by Louisa Lytton, Stacey's former friend turned enemy.

Clues suggest that the mystery person in question must have known about Bradley's connection to Stacey and told Theo and that person could easily be Ruby.

Ruby has all sorts of reasons for revenge, including her imprisonment after being set-up by Stacey's mum, Jean, in a drug twist.

One fan took to Twitter and said: "How does Theo know about Bradley?! #EastEnders Ruby is definitely behind this idc."

Another agreed: "This is what makes me think that Theo could be working with Ruby Allen and she could be his 'Informer'. Theo can't be that clever and isn't working alone. It's more then just idol gossip that Theo is getting this info from."

The comments keep coming, with the storyline clearing strong for fans. One added: "I think Ruby has to be behind our Stacey’s hell. Theo wouldn’t know all of this stuff. Especially not about her beloved Bradley. I’m shook."

Actor, William, who plays Theo told The Mirror that more danger is on the way for Stacey and the reign of terror is far from over.

He said: "I think we knew weeks ago when Theo broke into her house that she was in danger. That's been the beauty of the storyline which has been bubbling very slowly.

"We have known the threat level from the off, we've known what he might be capable of from the off and this happens in real life. That's what the show is about, holding a mirror up to everyday situations." He added: "It's that classic case of love and rejection, you don't know how much I love you until I prove it to you. Let me show you just how much I love you by how angry I am."

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