Eighties pop icon rushes wife to hospital and spends the night in A&E after her 'heart went mad' | The Sun

AN EIGHTIES pop icon has revealed a mad dash to hospital with his wife after her "heart went mad."

Gary Numan, 65, opened up on his spouse Gemma's medical emergency when the pair were staying in Scotland.

The Cars singer and his wife, 52, married in 1997 and recently re-located to LA with their three children.

Yet during a trip back to home turf, Tubeway Army star Gary revealed on Twitter: "Had to call an ambulance for Gemma yesterday as her heart went mad again.

"Spent the night in A&E near Stirling, Scotland having various tests done."

He added an image of his other-half walking in the snow, beaming at the camera as she covered up in a green parka coat.

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He added: "Don’t have a pic but she was wearing this outfit, shark onesie & moon boots (no jacket) & nothing else!!! Inconspicuous as always."

Fans were quick to offer their well-wishes, with one writing: "I hope she’s on the mend soon Gary very best wishes."

Another put: "I hope she will be ok! Bless you both."

A third then wrote: "Sending healing energy to Gemma, hope she's okay."

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Gemma was originally a member of Gary's fan club before they found love.

The couple appeared together on Good Morning Britain back in 2020.

Gemma joked she had given her man a "pity s**g" to cheer him up amid his money worries in the shocking segment.

Meanwhile, Gary exclusively told The Sun of his attempts to finish his novel back in 2017.

He told us: "I have been writing this book a long time and now it’s the future and what can happen because of global warming.

“I’d been struggling with it, trying to find direction, and then President Trump comes along and says he doesn’t want to be part of the Paris Agreement (the UN deal to help reduce global warming) which gave my ideas a focus.

"I’ve got loads of ideas for the book but it’s been slightly aimless without any sense of direction. There are 10,000 ideas but no definite storyline.

"Using the ideas and writing this album has really helped me. And it’s a real reflection of what could happen. If we’re not going to be in a position to stop it and global warming happens, the effects could mean we end up in this desolate place."

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Numan and his family relocated to LA in 2012.

The move was the backdrop to documentary Android In La La Land, where cameras followed them and saw him open up about his Asperger’s and depression.

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