Emmerdale fans horrified as Robert Sugden makes plan to flee the village after pleading guilty to assaulting Victoria's rapist Lee

EMMERDALE fans are convinced Robert Sugden is going to flee the country instead of going to prison after pleading guilty to assaulting Lee.

The businessman – who is played by actor Ryan Hawley in the ITV soap – horrified fans and his family when he pleaded guilty to the assault in court to spare his sister Victoria from having to lie for him.

But with his family weighing in about the horrors of prison and how he won't cope Robert insisted he could.

He told Aaron: "In my head I can manage five years. Seb will be too busy jumping in puddles or eating insects or whatever to miss me.

"And when he grows up he won't remember me being away."

But as Aaron insisted he would struggle Robert seemed to hatch a plan.

He told Aaron and Liv that he would have to set up the business so they would be OK for money and be able to give Victoria money for the baby.

And when Charity arrived and pured more scorn on his prison plans, Robert made a secret phone call to Cain.

He said: "I can't really talk right now but I need a favour. I need to get my hands on some money, serious money and I don't care how."

And fans think the money will tempt Robert to avoid prison altogether and run away.

One wrote: "Robert planning to do a runner?? ? #emmerdale."

A second said: "#Emmerdale Robert’s asking Cain to get him some money? Robert’s going on the run !!! ??????."

Another added: "Robert going on the run? Or wants money for Aaron, Seb, Vic and Liv. #Emmerdale."

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