Emmerdale fans slam Beth over sick Lydia family secret

Emmerdale fans were outraged over new character Beth's sick family secret.

She broke the devastating news to her sister Lydia Hart (Karen Blick) that their parents were dead.

However, she's lying as their mum and dad are very much alive.

Fans were sickened as Beth continued to keep up the facade.

  • Emmerdale fans slam Beth over sick Lydia family secret

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One said: "Beth is horrible lying about both her mum and dads deaths."

While another wrote: "Beth's such a horrible cow."

"Omg both alive? Cremated my a***. Beth, you will regret this! Lydia is so lovely you nasty cow."

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Lydia's long-lost sister broke the news of her parents "death" in an episode last week.

She struggled to cope with the thought of losing her family before she's even met them.

Viewers couldn't believe Beth was telling such a twisted lie.

One tweeted: "Beth is evil."

While another wrote: "Lydia's sister is horrible."

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The end of tonight's dramatic episode saw Mandy spy on Beth to try and get to the bottom of why she's being so horrid to Lydia.

After Vinny created a loud noise to get Beth's attention, she stepped outside the house alongside her mum, who isn't dead.

Fans were overjoyed that Mandy had discovered the truth.

One tweeted: "Yesssssss Mandy knows Lydia's mum is still alive"

While another said: "Yay, Mandy has discovered the truth! Go Mandy!"

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