Emmerdale fans spot huge blunder as soap gets Jamie Tate’s age wrong

EAGLE-eyed viewers spotted a huge blunder in Emmerdale as they seem to have gotten Jamie Tate's age wrong.

Fans were left confused when it was said on Monday's episode of the ITV soap that Jamie (Alexander Lincoln) received a pony from his dad Frank Tate (Norman Bowler) when he was two years old.

However, Jamie – who was born on September 24 1996 – only knew his father for a few months before the character was killed off on May 27th 1997.

One Emmerdale fan wrote on Digital Spy's forums: "Tonight it said James was given a pony by Frank when he was two. Mistake. James was born in June 1996. Frank died a year later in May 1997.. Less than a year."

Another fan corrected: "According to Wiki he was born in September 1996 (and actually his birthday is tomorrow the 24th) so even less time for him to have known Frank for (I'm wondering if they have remembered its his birthday if they'll age him up a couple of years??)."

Jamie's first major story was a Who's the Daddy? plot between Dave Glover and Frank Tate. After Dave was killed in a fire saving Jamie's life, a DNA test revealed it Frank was the father.

Throughout his early appearances he was played by Jake Meays (1996), Elliot Suckley (1996), Sam Silson (1997), Oliver Carroll (1997), Bradley White (1997 – 1999), before returning to the soap this year as Alexander Lincoln.

Mirroring his early life, Jamie is now involved in a storyline concerning who the identity of the father of his daughter, Millie.

Graham Foster claimed he could be the father of the little girl.

That wasn't the only blunder fans picked up on as the horse riding accident in that same episode left many fans unconvinced.

The accident saw Jamie trying to ride troublesome horse Blaze, who reared up and knocked his daughter over.

Fans said the horse didn't look like it was anywhere near Millie – and that the actress playing her seemed to smirk on the floor instead.

One person said: "That 'horse accident' scene on #emmerdale was the biggest load of tripe I've ever seen in my life, not realistic at all. Even the 'knocked out' girl on the floor was smiling absolutely terrible!"

Another added: "#Emmerdale not the best looking stunt they've done as you could clearly see the horse was nowhere near her."

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