Emmerdale spoilers: Aaron Dingle scams cousin Mandy out of her stolen cash by pretending to burn it

Aaron Dingle pulls the wool over cousin Mandy’s eyes in Emmerdale next week when he pretends to burn her stolen money in a barrel at the scrapyard.

But is all as it seems?

Mandy – who’s played by Lisa Reilly in the ITV soap – and Vinny are up to no good at Butlers Farm as the desperately search for a bag. But it’s not long before a suspicious Chas rumbles them and discovers the bag is stuffed with stolen cash and casino chips.

Chas – and the rest of the Dingle can – are furious about the discovery and give Mandy a stern telling off.

But Aaron – Danny Miller – soon offers to help a delighted Mandy to change the chips, leaving his husband, Robert Sugden, bemused.

Later, Aaron and Mandy meet at the scrapyard with the cash and Aaron rebukes Mandy for sponging off the family.

He then tells her he’s taking a cut of the money as commission, which leads to a furious row breaking out between them.

The argument leads to Aaron ‘accidentally’ dropping all of the money into a nearby burning barrel. But what is Aaron really up to?

And who has Mandy stolen the cash from?

Mandy will crash back into the village this week just in time to catch Jessie Grant cheating on Marlon Dingle with her ex, Al Chapman.

And it soon becomes clear that Mandy – and her son Vinny – are hiding something from the rest of their family.

Actress Lisa has returned to the ITV soap for good following a short stint earlier this year.

Back in August Lisa, 43, revealed she had started filming again.

She took to Instagram to reveal she had completed her first full Dingle Day.

In the snap, Lisa can be seen in full Mandy Dingle mode, with a leopard print coat, red leopard print shirt, curled hair and full face of makeup- which featured a bold red lip.

The star posed alongside the soap's resident make-up artist as she praised her for making her look like her beloved character.

She wrote: "THANKYOU so much @erikawareing @emmerdalemakeup#emmerdale @emmerdale @itv for my FIRST full “Dingle Day” completed…..making me smile with our silliness #goodday #actorslife"

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