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NOTHING has ever been the same for Kim Tate since she found out her son Jamie was dead.

But the businesswoman gets a visit from her granddaughter this week in Emmerdale. Here's everything else you can expect.

1. Kim reconnects with a missing relative

The ruthless entrepreneur portrayed by Claire King has no idea her son Jamie Tate is actually alive, having staged his death in September, 2021.

In a desperate attempt to hold on to her memories of him and make things right in her family, Kim Tate has tried to have a connection with her granddaughter Millie (played by Willow Bell).

Following the death of her mother Andrea Tate in October, 2021, Millie was sent to live with the latter's mother, Hazel, and Kim only gets sporadic visits in the eponymous village.

In recent weeks, Kim has been seen trying to help Clemmie settle into the village after she was taken in by Dawn and Billy Fletcher.

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Coming up, however, Clemmie is worried when Kim manages to track Millie down and the little girl visits her in Emmerdale.

Could Kim be one step closer to figuring out Jamie is alive?

2. Nicola wants revenge

While Millie's arrival in Yorkshire could bring Kim some form of truth, a full-blown feud is taking shape in the village.

This week, Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) is told by PC Harriet Finch that, despite her recognising Naomi Anderson as one of her attackers, there's not enough evidence against Charles' long-lost daughter.

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The co-owner of Café Main Street is close to tears, devastated by the news.

Matters are only made worse as Naomi (Karene Peter) still refuses to admit she had any part in Nicola's mugging.

Far from ready to let things go, Naomi decides to take matters into her own hands and nobody will be spared from her wrath.

Nicola first chastises Emmerdale vicar Charles (Kevin Mathurin) for Naomi's actions and he is horrified when she also threatens to end his career.

But there's more as Nicola also places Manpreet Sharma's career as a GP in her target line.

Fuming, unable to cope with an overwhelming feeling of injustice, Nicola confronts Naomi, demanding the truth from her.

But she's left seething when Charles sides with the youngster and he's left uneasy at the thought of Nicola's planned retribution.

Ethan Anderson (Emile John) receives the same treatment from Rodney Blackstock, Nicola's father, for supporting his sister but he begins to feel terrible for the struggling café owner.

This triggers a series of harsh consequences for Naomi as her love interest Nate Robinson hears about everything.

Angry, he also confronts her about Nicola's attack and her lies.

To make matters worse for her, Nate is resistant when she pleads with him to see the real her – and he puts an end to their budding romance before wondering if he was too harsh on her.

But with Nicola's PTSD symptoms resurfacing, could comeuppance be near for Naomi?

3. Sandra spikes Liv

Although some parents are ready to put their career in jeopardy to protect their own, others are more likely to put their child's life in danger.

This is particularly true this week for Sandra Flaherty as she continues her quest for some cash in the Dales.

The schemer played by Joanne Mitchell brings her plan to isolate and steal from her daughter Liv (Isobel Steele) to a sickening level and spikes her with booze knowing she's a recovering alcoholic.

Coming up, Sandra convinces Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) to speak to Vinny (Bradley Johnson) about his "marriage" problems, referring mostly to Liv's asexuality.

This leads to a conversation between the pair and Gabby is left curious when she finds out Vinny has never had sex.

Both are feeling awkward when a shocked Liv sees them together but she soon calls out her mother for manipulating the situation.

Sandra realises she may need to resort to disrupting Liv's sobriety to get what she wants as her plan fails again.

After letting her accomplice Terry know what she's up to, Sandra takes it up a notch by sneakily switching Liv's drink for a boozy beverage.

Liv recoils when she takes her first sip, leaving Bob Hope mortified, and worries that the door to her alcoholism has been opened.

Meanwhile, Sandra knows this is only the beginning and she stirs the situation with Vinny.

The latter's marriage begins to show cracks when Liv is affronted to be caught out by her other half for not being honest about swallowing the alcohol.

Liv storms out and Vinny is reeling – as a smile creeps onto Sandra's face.

Vinny's mother Mandy (Lisa Riley) gets wind of everything and is alarmed when she finds out Liv has had alcohol.

While the beauty salon owner fails to hide her concern, Sandra fuels Liv's insecurities around her alcoholism before suggesting a last minute trip abroad.

Will Liv see through her mother's scheming?

4. Faith attacks Cain

The Emmerdale veteran played by departing actress Sally Dexter is slowly losing herself to cancer.

But before she can breathe her last, Faith Dingle is adamant on living life to the fullest and making memories with her family, regardless of all the trouble it could cause her.

This week, Faith plots a way to see her grandchildren next week, without any supervision.

She surprises Kyle and Sarah with a chameleon she's stolen from the vets but quickly panics when the animal escapes and joins a stunned Al Chapman at the bar.

The chameleon is eventually safely returned but Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Chas (Lucy Pargeter) aren't happy with their mother's stunt.

While they feel heartbroken to hear her beg not to stop her from enjoying whatever time she has left with her grandchildren, the siblings stick to their guns.

Faith feels tormented, believing this is yet another thing that brought her happiness which is being taken away from her.

She grows increasingly scared when all signs point to her having to relinquish control of her own life.

Chas shows understanding but is stung when Faith says she wants Cain to have lasting power of attorney after she decides on a do-not-resuscitate order (DNR).

The idea of Faith not being able to make her own decisions anymore looks bleak to her family.

Whilst looking at the power of attorney registration form, Cain asks solicitor Ethan Anderson (Emile John) for advice.

In later scenes, Cain arrives to see Faith in an attempt to finalise the details of her dying wishes.

But soon enough, Faith is caught up by the reality of her illness as her cancer targets her brain.

Confused and horrified, Faith believes her son Cain is actually Shadrach, her former husband and a violent drunk.

Cain is shocked when Faith brandishes a frying pan and screams for him to get away.

How will he react?

5. Chas makes a decision

Belle Dingle's involvement isn't enough to take Chas Dingle away from businessman Al Chapman (Harry Potter actor Michael Wildman).

After trying to end the illicit romance, the pair picked up where they left off and got themselves a couple of burner phones to cover their tracks.

But what started off as a physical relationship is growing into something more meaningful this week.

Coming up, a post coital Al and Chas revel in their intimacy – prompting him to profess his love for her.

The Woolpack pub manager is taken aback and hastily retreats, leaving the both of them broken.

In later scenes, Al reaffirms his love for Chas, guaranteeing her that it wasn't just in the heat of the moment.

Soon enough, the feeling becomes mutual and Chas begins to fall for a vulnerable Al.

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