Fred Sirieix says co-star Gino DAcampo almost died when shooting ITV series

First Dates star Fred Sirieix revealed his co-star Gino D'Acampo "almost died" when shooting their ITV show.

Talking about their much-loved series Gordon, Gino and Fred's Road Trip, Fred revealed there was a near-fatal accident.

Fred exclusively told us: "The worst one was Gino in Mexico, he almost died but he bumped into the RV in the go-kart he was in.

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"It was so close, if his head hit the bummer he would have been finished, so he was very lucky.

"I didn't realise it happened when it did, I didn't know because I was driving and there was a lot of dust so I couldn't see what was going on behind me.

"But I stopped for Gordon and I was worried for him as he went into a wall, but I should have carried on because there was no real problem.

He laughed: "I would have won the race, I was so p***ed off with myself. Next time, if there is an accident I'm not stopping to save any of them.

"There are plenty of people including security so it's their job, not mine, next time I won't do it."

Fred also told us there are plenty of scenes that didn't make the final cut of the show.

Though one that did make the chop was when Fred, 51, stripped off nude in front of his co-stars Gordon, 56, and Gino, 46.

Talking about his nude moment, Fred said: "I think life is short and it's good to be outrageous every now and then. So, if you can, why not?

"I just like to have fun and when you can get away with murder like that it's fun and it's good because we are so different.

"It's fun to be a little shocking like running around naked but you should see what else we get up to with these guys, it's just mad, mad, mad."

Fred has also teamed up with National Lottery Open Week (18-26 March) – where the National Lottery are letting customers show their tickets of scratch cards to gain free entry to select venues across the country.

This year there are 450 to choose from to help provide people with low-cost day family days out.

Fred told us: "Venues are coming together to say a thank you to the £30million that they raise each week.

"There are loads of different things to do and places to go such as the Eden Project, which is a really great day out."


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