From Kylie Minogue to Carol Vorderman, how fillers have changed celebs’ faces for good – The Sun

TROUT pouts are out as celebs appear to be going nuts for “chipmunk face”.

Model and Sixties icon Twiggy, 70, told a magazine: “I don’t like those filler things they pump into people’s faces. They look like chipmunks.”

Here we compare old and new pics of famous folk who seem to have fallen foul of face filler.

Kylie Minogue

FRESH-FACED Kylie Minogue confessed to experimenting with Botox and fillers in the past but has since sworn off the injections.

The 51-year-old pop princess said: “I’m preferring to be a lot more natural these days. I’ve tried Botox, I’m definitely not one of those people who says, ‘You shouldn’t do this’.”

Carol Vorderman

WHEN Carol Vorderman’s curves hit the headlines earlier this year she shot down surgery rumours, saying she was still the “same old Vorders”.

As for her wrinkle-free face, it may be a different story as the maths whizz, 58, admitted in 2012 that she was looking to get “a little rejuvenation” to “fix the things that need fixing”.


MADONNA, 61, keeps the key to her line-free face a closely guarded secret.

But in January, following rumours of a butt lift, she said: “I’m entitled to free agency over my body”.

Courteney Cox

FRIENDS actress Courteney Cox, 55, admitted she went too far with fillers and had them dissolved.

She said: “I’ve learned to embrace movement and realise fillers are not my friend.”

Chloe Sims

TOWIE'S Chloe Sims, 37, has spent £32,000 on boob jobs and a butt lift, but denies having fillers and a nose job.

She tweeted last year: “This is my natural face so get over it! Haters.”

Carla Bruni

WHEN Carla Bruni’s puffy face fuelled some speculation she’d had work done, she kept shtum.

But the 51-year-old ex-French First Lady later said it is better to look “older than weird”.

Bobby Norris

BOBBY Norris, 33, admits to having had Botox, lip fillers, a beard transplant and a nose job.

The Towie star said: “All you can change is yourself and sometimes that changes everything.”

Kris Jenner

KIM Kardashian’s mum Kris Jenner hasn’t discussed fillers, but the 64-year-old had a chin lift in 2011 and a boob job in the Eighties because “gravity took over”.

Barry Manilow

BARRY Manilow, 76, has denied rumours that he has had cosmetic surgery.

The singer told Jonathan Ross in 2014: “This is me at 70. That’s the way I’m ageing.”

Sharon Osbourne

SHARON Osbourne, 67, is no stranger to a nip and tuck having recently showed off the results of her fourth facelift.

The former X Factor judge says plastic surgery is like “servicing a car”.

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