‘Frozen 2’ New Trailer: Anna & Elsa Face Danger In The Enchanted Forest — Watch

Do you wanna build a snowman? It’s almost that time. ‘Frozen 2’ is coming this fall and a new trailer has just been released featuring Anna and Elsa’s journey into the Enchanted Forest.

When Anna and Elsa were kids, their father told them about an Enchanted Forest. “It was a magical place, but something went wrong,” he said. “Since then, no one can get in or out.” The Frozen sisters are back for the highly-anticipated Frozen 2 and still as close as ever. “What would I do without you,” Elsa asks her sister. Anna quips, “You’ll always have me.” Suddenly, Elsa hears a voice calling to her. Pabbie encourages her to follow the voice to get answers.

Elsa wants to go by herself but Anna is insistent. Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf head into the Enchanted Forest where they meet Lieutenant Matthias, voiced by Sterling K. Brown. When Elsa finds herself in the middle of a raging fire, Anna screams, “Elsa, get out of there!” Elsa tells Anna that she can’t follow her into fire. “Then don’t run into fire,” an angry Anna replies.

“Magic is very alluring. Without you, she may lose herself,” Pabbie tells Anna. Elsa is seeing taking on the sea and riding a frozen horse. Anna makes sure her sister knows that she believes in her more than anyone else. She’ll follow her anywhere.

The sisters of Frozen have become one of the most beloved pairings, and when the sequel was confirmed at the 2017 D23: Expo, the announcement was met with glee and true excitement from fans worldwide. Joining Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel are stars Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling, as well as Anna’s love Kristoff, played by Jonathan Groff, and baddie Hans, voiced by Santino Fontana. The first full trailer was released in June 2019. Frozen 2 opens November 22.

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