'Frozen 2' Sing-Along Screenings Arriving Next Week

Get those pipes ready, because Frozen 2 sing-along screenings are coming. Yes, soon you’ll be able to sit in a public place and sing off-key with a bunch of strangers, and isn’t that what movie magic is all about? The Frozen 2 sing-along will be heading to theaters next week, giving fans a chance to belt out their favorite tunes while also giving Disney a chance to make even more money.

Frozen 2 Sing-Along

Above you can watch a video featuring a sing-along version of “Some Things Never Change”, the big number that brings all the familiar characters back together at the start of the movie. It’s just one small example of what’s in store for you should you attend a Frozen 2 sing-along screening next week. Disney is putting out the sing-along version of the film starting January 17, and you can grab tickets here.

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